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TKB Trading Customer Service

Good customer service can happen!  A decent response or acknowledgement of an issue is nearly impossible in this day & age of online shopping. I just wanted to note my tiny issue with a TKB Trading order that was immediately resolved by a fantastic customer service team! As I gear up for stick highlighter trials, a base powder demo, new swatches and a spring collection of pressed mica, I placed two orders with TKB Trading.


How to Impress Your Customers:

I received both orders today (they got here in 3 business days from California) and I was missing one item. It is the first mistake I’ve encountered with my  TKB orders. I sent off an e-mail, let them know the item# that was missing and the order # and to my amazement, they had responded and shipped out the missing item within a couple of hours (with a new tracking number.) No hassle, immediate pleasant response, and nothing but praise coming from me.

Quick resolution of the missing item brought me relief and appreciation. You can never really gauge a company’s customer service abilities until you need to contact them. It is the little things that make me smile. I hope you too were amazed by something unexpectedly delightful today! I can’t wait to share new swatches and compare base powders with everyone!


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