Arm Knitting a Chunky Scarf

Arm Knitting

Arm knitting has been a popular hobby for awhile now. I first tried it out over a year ago. I started out by using a thin yarn and I only used one strand/ball of yarn. This produces a great lightweight, summery scarf. But now it is winter and it has been below zero for over a month. I decided to revisit arm knit scarves and this time I did it with a thicker yarn and I used two strands/balls. I love the result. I have made 4 different scarves with Lion’s Homespun yarn and they are super soft and have beautiful colors.

I have made my scarves as infinity scarves and I am pleased with the results! I love the chunky, bulky look of a long infinity that can be wrapped around the neck several times. Whether you are a knitting or crocheting pro or a beginner; this is a great, easy, fun project.

To begin, select two thicker balls of yarn. All you need for this project are your arms, the yarn, some scissors, and an optional large crochet hook (your fingers work just fine with this forgiving, loose project for weaving in the ends.)

Arm Knitting a Chunky Scarf

* Measure out around 4 feet of yarn with the two strands from the two balls matched up together. Some scarves I have made used up almost all 4 ft. in the casting on process; others barely used half.

* Tie a slip knot in the yarn.

* Slip the slip-knot over one of your wrists (Let’s use the right wrist for this demo.) Gently tighten the slip knot around the right wrist–leave enough room that it can come back over your hand! With your left hand separate the tail strands and the working yarn from the balls of yarn with your thumb and index (pointer) finger.  Grasp the loose ends from the strands of yarn with your remaining three fingers on your left hand. Slide your right hand through the loop around your thumb closest to you. Then bring that hand back behind the loop around your index finger closest to you. Move up your arm next to the first stitch and gently tighten. Repeat desired number of stitches.

* Move the tail ends out of your way and grasp the yarn from the balls in your right hand. Slide the bottom stitch (closest to your hand) over your hand. Bring your left hand behind the loop in your hand. Let the original stitch drop off and move the new stitch/loop over your left wrist; gently tighten. Repeat with the remaining stitches.

* Repeat back over to right arm, etc.. Do this pattern back and forth until you have your desired length.

Arm Knitting a Chunky Scarf

* To cast off start to repeat the pattern you used for the entirety of the scarf one more time–when you have two stitches moved onto the opposite hand *now* you slip the first stitch (furthest up your arm) over the second stitch and let it drop off of your hand. Repeat until you have only one stitch left on the new arm.

* Grab your scissors and trim the working yarn off. Leave at least 6-8 inches of yarn. Gently remove the last stitch from your arm & over your hand. Tie a knot through the stitch. Go back and tie a knot in the tail at the beginning of the scarf also.

* Weave the ends of the yarn through the end of the scarf and the tail ends through the beginning for a regular scarf. For an infinity scarf:  straighten the scarf, join the two ends together and weave your yarn & tail ends through both pieces.

Arm Knitting a Chunky Scarf

The video might help explain a little better 🙂 The blue/purple yarn I used is in the color Barrington (Lion Homespun Thick& Quick.) The green yarn is in the color Tudor (Lion Homespun.)







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