Bad Internet Recipes

The internet is my friend; new recipes & advice for healthier Made Up Recipe Ingredientsliving, better relationships, and personal improvement galore! And then sometimes someone posts a recipe with a gorgeous picture–so I try it–only to realize that it was never even a real recipe & that they stole that scrumptious looking photo from someone else’s blog. I dust off and keep going but I hate when I try a project (craft, fashion, or food) that in retrospect was never even attempted (and tastes or looks lousy.)

I guess I get more upset about the food posts that turn out to be gross duds because I really like good food. 🙂 I got duped this past week when I tried out a crazy simple recipe that had two ingredients. Bad Internet RecipesTurns out Angel Food Cake mix combined with Pie Filling tastes a lot like baking soda and does not look like an apple strudel cake. It also required over double the suggested baking time. I got over it after I ate the good parts of the cake–and I even have pictures to share.

In much more visually pleasing news: our gorgeous flowering bush in the front yard bloomed recently. It only lasts a total of a couple of weeks but it is a big sign of summer coming. The yard has been buzzing with bees & the occasional hummingbird; celebrating the blooms. I hope everyone is having a great spring/early summer! We are so excited to see the green grass, the first flowers and to feel the temps in the 70’s again.

I will get over my bad cake recipe–because it is time to eat tons flowering treemore fresh fruit anyways!!! I love summer! 🙂

UPDATE 12/2015: FYI, if you find a Nutella Cinnamon Roll pull-apart bread recipe… it will be raw in the middle if you cook it for 25 minutes. It takes 45 minutes & it still won’t be cooked thoroughly. That one burned me bad… How good would cinnamon rolls with Nutella have been!!!!

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