Bead Buddy Patina Solution

I have been hard at work, creating new resin jewelry. Bead Buddy Patina Solution hit my radar once I started working with bare wire to wrap my pieces. Craft wire scratches easily but it does not discolor. Bare wire is softer, easier to work with, and can tarnish or purposely take on a patina finish.

I picked up the solution for $9.99 at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts. The solution has a very strong (rotten egg) sulfuric odor once prepared, so I tried to work quickly or work outside. I successfully used the solution on resin, rock, and glass pieces. Cubic zirconia, glass and man-made gemstones work well. Certain gems/stones are not recommended (Turquoise, Lapis, Opals, Pearls, Shell, and other soft stones.)

Bead Buddy Patina Solution

How to use it:


My first batch, I followed the instructions and mixed a cup of water with one Tablespoon of a solution. Looking back, I could have used less. For my second trial, I used a half cup of water and a half Tablespoon of a solution. The solution is a clear yellow-orange tone that turns into a cloudy yellow once mixed. I left my pieces in for different amounts of time to vary the amount of patina.

After removing my pieces from the solution, I wiped them down with a paper towel and steel wool. I picked up the bag of steel wool for a couple of dollars from a discount store. Buffing the pieces with the steel wool will remove excess solution & lighten the patina effect where needed.

Bare Copper Wire

Bare Copper Wire


Using the patina solution is very easy and I love my results. The solution worked best and most noticeably on bare copper wire. Brass wire and craft wire did not change much. The different shades of patina are exactly what I wanted! The longer you dip your piece, the darker the results.

Bead Buddy Patina Solution Video

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