Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge Frozen Dessert


Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel FudgeI saw the Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge Frozen Dessert at the grocery store this weekend and I had to try it! Unfortunately, to me, it tastes bad. It does not taste like any of its ingredients. I don’t expect a non-dairy dessert to taste like ice cream but I grab for it when I want less chemicals, sugar, or calories. An off putting flavor, 240 calories per serving and 23 grams of sugar/serving make this a non-tasty, high calorie and sugar filled fail. I am familiar with the taste difference between dairy and non-dairy frozen treats. We like to try different non-dairy ice cream substitutes. My favorite is the creamy, smooth Arctic Zero in the Salted Caramel flavor.

Arctic Zero salted-caramel

The Ben & Jerry’s has a non-pleasant sweet flavor that I really can’t describe well. The coffee flavored base is not tasty in my opinion. The chunks of fudge are chalky and have an aftertaste resembling chocolate. I drink plenty of non-sweetened almond milk but lately I have been purchasing cashew milk because it is very creamy and smooth compared to the flavor of almond milk. I think I need to find a frozen dessert made from cashew milk instead.

Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge

The Bottom Line:

A pint of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Coffee Caramel Fudge Frozen Dessert was $4.99. Barley makes the list of ingredients, so it is not gluten free for those hoping it is. It is certified vegan. It also has carrageenan and I go out of my way to avoid it.  I was very excited to find this product and I grabbed it without reading the ingredients and nutritional info. My final take is that you are better off buying a regular brand of ice-cream with less sugar (and NO carrageenan!) or a different dairy free substitute.

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