Blanching and Freezing Swiss Chard

This year’s garden was a labor of love. We dabbled in mulch gardening & after a couple of years I am enthusiastic it will be very successful; but this year the mulch was stealing the nutrients from most of our plants (even with fertilizer, egg shells, coffee grounds, etc.) The only thing that thrived was the Swiss Chard. Which is great because I love having a freezer full of chard to add to soups or casseroles. When I am making a big pot of veggie soup I don’t even thaw it sometimes; I just plunk it into the soup.

In past years I used a different method that was much more time-consuming. It produced smaller, easier to use pieces. Now all I have to do is slice up my frozen patty if I want smaller pieces instead of whole leaves. I chose to freeze the chard leaves whole; shaped into patties. All this requires is soaking the leaves in cool water, blanching them for 3 minutes in boiling water, returning them to cold water for a couple of minutes, squeezing excess water out and forming the leaves into a patty shape. I placed the patties on a non-stick tray in the freezer for about ten minutes. Then I placed them in freezer bags. Now I am good to go until next summer!

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Blanching and Freezing Swiss Chard Video

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