Burlap Cutting & Finishing

How to Cut Burlap

Burlap is everywhere! Burlap table runnersCutting Burlap, burlap wrapped jars & gifts, burlap wreaths, and burlap bags. It is rustic, simple, and loved. I grabbed a few yards to wrap up a gift recently & then I needed to learn how to care for and cut it.






The consistent advice I found online was to washHow to Cut Burlap Straight it three times with half the amount of detergent normally used (for softness.)








I used the full amount of my homemade laundry soap. Next run it through your dryer, iron it, and cut. I was washing a small amount so I used my lingerie bag. This cut down on the apparently enormous Cutting Burlapamount of fray that most people find in their dryer. Washing the burlap took away the harsh smell but left a softer, gentler burlap aroma and a much softer fabric. I set my iron to “4” (one step before steam) and sprayed a small amount of water on the burlap as I ironed it. *Some people reported yellowing of the burlap if they used a steam setting on their iron*







To cut the burlap I picked where I wantedHow to Cut Burlap Straight to cut it, made a small cut with very sharp scissors, and pulled out the vertical string directly above my incision with a hair teasing comb tail (you can also use a needle.)









Then I alternated tugging the loose string towards me andHow to Cut Burlap Straight smoothing out the burlap away from me; until the string removed all the way. I did another string next to my original removal for a super clear line for cutting. Finally I cut down the middle of my marked path (where the two strings were removed.) To finish the burlap off I applied Fray Check. You could also use hot glue, Mod Podge, or clear tape underneath the edge. This is a super easy way to get a straight edge on your burlap!












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