DIY Butterfinger Bars

Butterfinger Bars

The internet is buzzing with fall recipes. I have seen a lot of DIY Butterfinger Barsrecipes for Butterfinger bars/bark floating around lately; Butterfinger is one of my favorite candy bars & is a favorite add-on for ice-cream treats.  I decided to try out the easiest recipe I could find. This recipe only requires 3 readily available ingredients: smooth peanut butter, candy corn, and chocolate chips.








To make the recipe I used a double boiler since we do not DIY Butterfinger Barsuse a microwave. This did not add a ton of extra time onto the preparation because you need to let the layers cool/set before adding the next. This is an easy recipe, but I did learn how to fight my way out of another kitchen disaster. I washed my bowl I use for my double boiler immediately before adding the chocolate chips and the chocolate seized; water plus chocolate is bad. This means I had a hard, un-meltable ball of chocolate instead of a creamy, smooth puddle of chocolate. Your best friend in this situation is Crisco. Add some Crisco to the bowl and patiently work it in. It made the chocolate a little more fluid but it produced the same great results. The bars were fun to make and kept up well in the fridge and the freezer (my sweetheart likes his candy in the freezer.)





I have made this recipe three times now. I have learned DIY Butterfinger Barsthat I have to supercharge my will power when these bars are in the freezer. They are so tasty! I am not a fan of candy corn but when transformed with peanut butter it is exquisite. These bars are more chewy than a Butterfinger candy bar and they do not crumble all over your shirt while you eat them. I am so excited to take a double batch to a very important birthday party tonight!









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