Can You Dehydrate Spinach

But fresh spinach is so perishable and we can only eat so much fresh spinach. You can crumble the spinach into flakes and use it for many dishes.

How To Dehydrate Spinach Did You Know You Can Successfully Dehydrate Fresh And Clean Spinach Leaves Well You Can A Dehydrator Family Favorite Meals Spinach

With dehydrated spinach flakes you can make your own pesto sauce or spaghetti sauce.

Can you dehydrate spinach. You can eat them as chips mix them into your salads or turn them into a powder to mix with your soup. Locate fresh spinach sold loose or in bunches. Dehydrated flakes as we like to call them make a perfect addition to just about any meal you are going to cook.

You can place the flakes in quart jars and seal them with a foodsaver. There are many uses of dehydrated spinach. Fresh spinach eaten raw is best served dry which is accomplished without the need for a salad spinner or any other expensive equipment.

How to use dehydrated spinach. Next pat dry and place in your dehydrator or on a baking sheet and put in the oven. Now you can enjoy the health benefits and delicious fresh flavor of spinach year round.

When it comes to our dried vegetables we start with tender spinach at the peak of freshness through our special patented process we gently evaporate the water to preserve the vitamins minerals and flavor in our dehydrated spinach flakes. If you dehydrate spinach just think about all the possibilities you will have to add some spinach to so many dishes or smoothies. How to store.

Italian wedding meatball soup with greens zoodles dehydrate spinach. High vitamin k second only to cauliflower. If you are cooking for picky eaters the flavor is easy to disguise.

You can even enhance a commercial spaghetti sauce that comes from a jar. Add dried spinach flakes to soups spreads casseroles and pasta sauces. Put a 1 4 cup of dehydrated spinach flakes in a fruit smoothie to provide extra nutrition without overpowering the sweetness of the fruit.

Be sure your spinach leaves cooled before putting them in an airtight sealed container. Dehydrated spinach can last up to 5 6 months before turning bad. Dehydrate at 125 to 135 degrees for about four hours or until the leaves are completely dry and crispy.

You ll find more use of spinach flakes for side dishes. One cup spinach 12 dv protein. You can use a magic bullet or blender to make spinach powder.

High in protein go figure. Super duper high vitamin a. Dehydration allows the spinach to have a longer shelf life.

The highest vegetable protein around. Spinach powder is great for adding to some of the dishes i have listed below. Along with the other herbs and spices you toss in your salad dressing throw in some spinach.

As good for you as fresh. I wanted to preserve this spring goodness to enjoy later in the year so i decided to dehydrate it. Great source of folate folic acid particularly important for pregnant or nursing women.

Make sure you place a single layer of leaves and don t overlap. Pick spinach that is crisp and green without a moldy or stale odor. After conditioning dehydrated spinach can be stored in an airtight container for six months to a year.

Over 25 dv of magnesium iron potassium vitamin.

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