Can You Use Vanilla Yogurt As A Starter

500 gr uht or fresh whole milk for a thicker yogurt but you can also use semi skimmed 65 gr store bought plain yogurt with no sugar after the first time use the yogurt you produced as a starter half a bean vanilla you can also use vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract. You can then use a scoop of your homemade yogurt as the starter for the next batch and eventually there won t be much of the original yogurt with its sweeteners and artificial ingredients left in your yogurt.

Viili Yogurt Starter Make Homemade Yogurt With A Viili Culture Homemade Yogurt Make Your Own Yogurt Yogurt

1 cup yogurt starter you can use a small cup of plain dannon or yoplait yogurt or you can use a cup from your previous batch 1.

Can you use vanilla yogurt as a starter. You can also make use of a probiotic capsule with the non dairy milk that can give similar results as using a commercial culture. Most recommend whole milk for thicker yogurt but 2 works fine 1 2 cup yogurt starter any yogurt with live cultures works. Fill with an inch of water.

My hope is that you have as much success with freezing 2nd day homemade yogurt to use as starter as i have. In case you re wondering i always use fresh milk from braums. I think that as long as there are active bacterias listed in the ingredients any yogurt will work as a starter for making your own yogurt.

I d recommend plain or vanilla. You can also use a vegan yogurt that is store bought of a similar flavor and add it to the non dairy milk. Another update on freezing my homemade yogurt for use as starter here it is january of 2020.

The yogurt you use must contain live active cultures. Once you make your first batch simply save 1 2 cup of the yogurt to use as starter for your next batch. Cover with lid and heat to boiling.

1 2 gallon milk i used 2. The yogurt is just as thick as my original batches. It makes the best yogurt ever.

I used a previous batch of my own homemade yogurt as the starter 1 week old. Place four quart glass canning jars four lids and four screw tops in a large pot. I successfully made batches of yogurt with that starter.

When making homemade yogurt whether you re making an instant pot yogurt recipe or using a different method you must use a yogurt starter. The yogurt you use also must be from a fresh unopened container of yogurt. You can make wonderful yogurt with only a couple tablespoons of starter in a gallon of milk.

However adding too much can result in a bitter and soupy flavor. Figuring out what a yogurt starter is and what kind to use can be difficult if you re new to the world of yogurt making. I use a plain greek yogurt where the only two ingredients are milk and live active cultures.

I use a scant tablespoon of yogurt for a half gallon of milk. Check the label because there are some yogurts that don t contain them. Boil for ten minutes.

You will need to use some yogurt to make yogurt.

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