Coastal Scents Hot Pot Collection And Almost Dupes 2019

Coastal Scents Hot Pots are individual shadow pans that come in over 300 shades and retail for $1.95/ea. on Coastal Scents website. They come in a variety of finishes and the opacity of each hot pot shade is listed in its description. I use mine frequently and find the quality to be on par with some higher end brands. Coastal Scents has a semi-annual sale where the Hot Pots sell for $0.99 but they are worth trying out at full retail. I have a small collection of shadows that I purchased to fill in the gaps in my eye shadow shade range. I do not have a lot of dupes because I specifically purchased these shades because they were missing from my collection. I keep my Hot Pots in a Sewlutions Magnetic Sewing Box ($5-10 at Jo-Ann or Amazon) and that works well for me. Coastal Scents ships based on weight & buying a magnetic palette from them can skyrocket your shipping cost. Shipping is very affordable if you are just buying individual pan eye shadows. Here is my full collection of Hot Pots, swatches of them, and some comparable products from other companies:

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Swatches

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Swatches


  1. Caramel Ice “frosted, pale caramel hue” Semi-Opaque Shimmer
  2. Kodiak “shimmery golden brown hue” Opaque Shimmer
  3. Gypsy Green “verdant beauty (verdant = (of the countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation)” Opaque Satin
  4. Oatmeal Tan “light tan hue” Semi-Opaque Matte
  5. Peach “soft peach hue” Semi-Opaque Satin
  6. Redstone “bold red hue” Semi-Opaque Satin
  7. Sunbeam “pastel yellow” Sheer Matte
  8. Peach Brew ” lush peach hue” Semi-Opaque Satin
  9. Cherry Moss (duochrome) “reddish-brown hue with green iridescent shimmer” Opaque Shimmer
  10. Sterling “pale silver hue” Sheer Satin
  11. Cyan Frost “icy, pastel blue shade” Semi-Opaque Shimmer
  12. Aqua Mist “delicate blue haze” Opaque Shimmer
  13. Timeless Taupe “antique brownish-grey hue” Semi-Opaque Matte
  14. Pale Nude “soft, peachy flesh tone” Semi-Sheer Matte
  15. Mauve “soft, dusty pink” Semi-Opaque Satin
  16. Coconut Husk “soft, muted brown hue” Semi-Opaque Matte
  17. Bronze Peach “sultry, brownish peach hue” Opaque Matte
  18. Wild Raisin “burnished burgundy hue” Semi-Opaque Matte

(Almost) dupes:

1. CS Caramel Ice

Stila Kitten

2. CS Timeless Taupe

UD Whiskey

UD Cover

3. CS Mauve

UD Limit

4. CS Peach

NYX Golden Peach

5. CS Peach Brew

MUG Summer Fling Blush

Eye Shadow Dupes

Eye Shadow Dupes

Things to keep in mind when ordering:

  • Hot Pots retail for $1.95/each but go on sale semi-annually for $0.99
  • Shipping is based on weight
  • I store mine in a magnetic sewing box ($5-10 at Jo-Ann or Amazon)
  • I do not own any CS pre-made palettes, so I can not compare the quality
  • Opacity (sheer/opaque) and Finish (shimmer, satin, matte, duochrome) are listed in the product description
    Shades that are labelled semi-opaque are many times truly opaque and highly pigmented
  • Consider what colors you truly need–Hot Pots shimmer shades are soft, pigmented, and beautiful like high-end companies, but you won’t use them if you already have 5 similar shades
  • Great crease colors = Oatmeal Tan, Coconut Husk
  • I love all of my shades, but I put in the time to know what I was ordering by watching videos & reading blog posts on the Hot Pots
  • When they go on sale for $0.99, they sell out fast. If you really need one shade, just pick it up for $1.95 and have a long list of alternatives if you are waiting for the semi-annual sale!

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences picking up Hot Pots from Coastal Scents. The colors are beautiful, non-staining, and unique. The shadows have never broken on me and the pans are highly magnetic. Many colors on their website look similar in the pan but swatch differently. It pays to check out swatch videos and reviews before making your choices. I held off for a long time because I assumed the low price was an indicator of quality but it is not. These are fantastic shadows at a great price. My absolute favorites of the bunch are Oatmeal Tan, Caramel Ice, Peach, and Mauve. These shadows are somewhere in between your best high end (Urban Decay) and drugstore (Rimmel or L’Oreal) eye shadow experience. They are firmer in texture than regular Makeup Geek or Urban Decay eye shadows without being chalky or having ridiculous fallout. They are however, less pigmented or blendable than most Makeup Geek or Urban Decay shadows. At $1.95/each, that is a great place to be!

Coastal Scents Hot Pot Collection And Almost Dupes 2019 Video

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