Coastal Scents Hot Pots–Initial Impression

After my fabulous experience with the Makeup Geek Coastal Scents Hot PotsFoiled Eye Shadows, I have been ready to try out other shadows in individual pans. I just wanted to try out a few basic colors. After checking out several options, I went with some Coastal Scents hot pots. They retail for $1.95/each but can be found on sale for $0.99 a couple of times a year.

Bottom line:

I did my research. I watched videos & read blog posts to determine which colors I would try. A tip I picked up is to read the description of the color. It will classify the shadow as sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque. So–the color pays off should not surprise you when they arrive. They come in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. There is a huge assortment of colors (over 300!) The shipping cost is based on how heavy the package is — I recommend picking up a magnetic sewing box yourself over paying the extra shipping on an empty palette from them. They stay put in the magnetic sewing box just as well as the Makeup Geek shadows.

I picked up 8 of the hot pots. My order total with shipping was $19.23: $15.60 for the hot pots and $3.63 for shipping. The pricing on these shadows is more than fair. I like ALL of my hot pot shadows, irregardless of price. They are all creamy, build-able, and easy to blend.

Coastal Scents and Colour Pop Pics New-025-300x264

Collage 1-300x300

Collage 2-300x300

Hot Pot Shades:

Wild Raisin (matte, semi-opaque:)

this is a cranberry/burgundy shade. I like that it is not overly pigmented because it works amazing as a build-able crease color. Semi-opaque shadows still have a medium color-payoff that is easy to blend.

Oatmeal Tan (matte, semi-opaque:)

this soft brown color is beautiful by itself for casual makeup looks and it is wonderful as a transition shade.

Peach (satin, semi-opaque:)

the soft peach, iridescent swatches I saw of this color had me super excited. In person, it is a toned down, less creamy version of some of my favorite metallic shadows. Right now my skin is pretty tan, so it is showing as more of a shimmery pink shade but once my tan fades it will take on a lighter peach shade. Not as pigmented, soft, or metallic as MUG foiled eye shadows, but good in its own right.

Caramel Ice (shimmer, semi-opaque:)

no joke, this is darn close to Stila “Kitten.” It has decent pigmentation and the perfect amount of shimmer. It does not sheer out when applied like other affordable shadows.

Timeless Taupe (matte, semi-opaque:)

Coastal Scents describes this as an antique brownish-grey. I find it to be a medium-dark cool toned brown.

Coconut Husk (matte, semi-opaque:)

darker in color than Oatmeal Tan, this color is very similar to that shade in its versatility. True to its “soft, muted brown” description, it is a great basic shade for any collection.

Bronze Peach (matte, opaque:)

depending on your skin tone, this shade can apply anywhere from a soft brownish-peach to an opaque terracotta color. I have not tried it yet, but many people online recommended using this shade as a blush. Oddly enough the Bronze Peach shade is matte but the Peach shade has shimmer.

Mauve (satin, semi-opaque:)

this shade reminds me of Urban Decay’s “Nooner” from the Naked 3 palette. They are different colors (Mauve is more pink/less taupe) but I feel like this dusty pink shade belongs in the Naked 3 palette.

These colors will all appear slightly different on different skin tones. Once my tan fades they will appear less red and more true to color. That being said, the pigmentation and creamy consistency will still be great on any skin tone. I tried to stick with more neutral shades for this order. I will be waiting for the next big sale to pick up more hot pots. I am so pleased with these shades that I don’t need any more right now. I have tried branching out into bold colors but I will get more use out of good basic neutrals. I have found these shades to be less pigmented than my Urban Decay Naked2 Basics palette but much more pigmented than the two ColourPop matte shades I just picked up.

I just purged about 75% of my makeup and as I replace what I truly need, basic neutral shades were at the top of my list. Here’s to not holding onto anything because it is high-end, getting rid of ridiculously old makeup that has lost its quality, and only buying what we need. This is my first makeup purchase from Coastal Scents, but I have purchased my shea butter from them for years. I’m sure that with over 300 individual shadows, the quality can be hit or miss. Do your homework, make sure you are ordering what you need (shade, finish, and opacity) and don’t be afraid that the quality will be lacking just because it is affordable.

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