ColourPop Collection 2019

This last week I recorded my entire ColourPop Collection with swatches, descriptions, and application. ColourPop has some very affordable, pigmented products. Disappointing products have been tossed so my demo is products I thoroughly enjoy. From Super Shock Shadow to Lippie Stix, I have tried and enjoyed a lot of ColourPop products.

Conclusions ColourPop Collection

  • Most “Metallic” shadows are too creamy and spread on my eyes. I have had the best luck with dark colors–pastels and light “metallic” shades do not work for me. Metallic shadows are a hit or miss for me–sometimes they are nothing but glitter and slippery, sheer base color (Eye Candy & Flipper.)
  • Their Ultra Metallic Shadows are so good that if they came out with any new color in an ultra-metallic finish, I would want it! They dry down better than metallic shadows, they stay put, and they are highly metallic & have a liquid-metal look to them that I love.
  • The Pearlized shadows I have are gorgeous. I only have 2 light-toned shades and they are slightly sheer. This gives them an ethereal glow on the eyes. They are described as “duochrome” but they have a very slight color shift compared to other duochromes.
  • I will use the two Matte shadows I have but I would most likely not purchase any more. They are weakly pigmented and apply patchily. They are beautiful colors but they don’t last long on my eyes.
  • The Super Shock Cheek Highlighters are beautiful. The lighter shade I own (Monster) was formulated for lighter skin tones and I can only use it during the winter months. Both shades I have do not have great staying power but I really like them.
  • Their Lippie Stix is okay. I prefer liners. The Lippie Stix drag a little on the lips (I only have 2 matte shades currently but I have tried other finishes.) The Lippie Stix also smell a little bit like Play Dough to me? There are other affordable lipsticks I enjoy more (Jordana, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics) but if I saw a new beautiful shade I wouldn’t be deterred from purchasing it.
  • The Lippie Stix & Liners of the same name may be two very different but complementary colors. I like the shade of the Razor liner way more than the lipstick! When I ordered them I had seen the swatch for the Ultra-Matte StingRaye and that was the actual color I wanted. 🙂
  • I am completely satisfied with my Gel Colour purchases. The gel pots are long lasting, I can use them as a liner or an eye base, they dry down nicely and they have amazing pigmentation. The liners are similarly satisfying. I really appreciate the two metallic liners I have–they are bright, shiny, and metallic but dry down completely. The matte liner I have applies creamy but dries down well. I haven’t tried their new brow products because I use my brown matte eyeliner (Stomper) on my brows & it doesn’t budge. (I apply it with a brush.)

If you have never tried a powder ColourPop product, it is worth mentioning that they are all cream-to-powder texture. They are very soft and bouncy. The eyeshadow and cheek products are packaged individually because the product will dry out without a tight seal on the lid. ColourPop is a cruelty-free brand and many of their products are vegan. ColourPop can only be ordered through their website at this time. Shipping is a flat $4.99 rate but they offer free shipping on orders over $30. It takes 1-2 two weeks for me to receive my package and everything has always been securely shipped with no issues. ColourPop does not accept returns but will replace damaged items.

ColourPop Collection

ColourPop Collection 2019 Video

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