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I featured 3 ColourPop Super Shock shadows in my post on Metallic Eye Shadows. At that time I was struggling to make 2 of the 3 shadows work for me. Since then I put in another order with one more ultra-metallic shadow, two matte eye shadows, one lippie stix, and two lippie pencils.

I read up on ColourPop and while few would mention the difficulty of working with the metallic shadows, they would talk of a “learning curve.” The learning curve is that the only way my 2 metallic shadows (Eye Candy & Flipper) will work is by applying them with a makeup sponge or an eye shadow applicator (on top of an eye primer.) I am still disappointed that those two shades offer more sparkle than color, they really should be called glitter shadows instead of metallic. However, all of my shadows are absolutely gorgeous colors, the packaging is great, and every time I see a video with CP, I find more to desire.

Let’s review my small CP collection & talk about the pros and cons of the products:



Colourpop Pics



Cream to Powder, Soft Texture. Difficult to blend (patchy) but apply better with a sponge applicator or a dense crease brush.

  • Bill: “Muted Plum Beige” tone. Stronger pigmentation than “Hanky Panky.” I wish this color was more buildable, but I love it!
  • Hanky Panky: “Soft Cool Toned Taupe.” When I see Hanky Panky, I think PERFECT crease color. Unfortunately, this shade is a little sheer in its application. It is a great neutral shade that looks great on its own or in the crease.
ColourPop Collection

ColourPop Collection

Colourpop Pics-022a-300x225


IMHO these are cream shadows. Mine do not dry to a powder finish & they do not always like to stay put. I have seen deeper shades in the line (I really want to try “Rex!”) that have a stronger color pay off, but my two shades are pastel, light tones & the color pay off is extremely minimal.

  • Eye Candy: “Cool Toned Lavender drizzled with TONS of Silver & Pink Glitter.” When I first held this shadow and swatched it on my hand, I was surprised at just how glittery it was, but I was overly appreciative that it was tiny micro glitter (never scratchy or chunky.) That was until I had micro glitter all over my face. This shade’s low pigmentation, tendency to spread (even with base & eye primer–alone or with other shadows) and unwillingness to dry/set to make it a beautiful nightmare to work with.
  • Flipper: “Soft Tangerine with Silver & Pink Glitter.” Flippercolourpop super shock shadows have a bit more color pay off than Eye Candy, and if I leave it alone & don’t try to incorporate too many other shadows into my look–it stays put a little better. All lines have their stand out products. For me & ColourPop, it is just not these two shades.
ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Swatches

Colourpop Pics-017-300x225 Colourpop Pics-018-300x225


Feel like creams, act like powders. These two shades live up to their descriptions!!! They leave a liquid, ultra-metallic look but are super easy to work with. They are great stand-alone shades and they work fantastically as a liner. I just wish they had more than 3 ultra-metallic shades in the entire line. They are my absolute favorite item out of the line! If you only try one thing from CP–try out the ultra-metallic eye shadows.

  • Game Face: “Intense Penny Copper with a liquid-like ultra metallic finish.” Color pay-off that dreams are made of, long lasting, and versatile.
  • Liberty: “Intense Ultra-Metallic True Silver.” The best silver shadow I have ever seen. Amazing chrome-like/mirror-like finish that is perfect when used as an eyeliner or right above your eyeliner!
ColourPop Super Shock Shadow

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow

Colourpop Pics-025-300x225



With both the bronzer & highlighter, it is my own fault for ordering light shades that are marketed towards fair/light skin tones! I made the mistake of ordering off of other people’s online swatches instead of reading CP’s descriptions. My bad.

  • Skinny Dip: “Warm Tan in a Matte Finish.” This is a beautiful color in a cream to powder, matte finish. It just does not show up on my medium, olive skin tone.


  • Monster: “Light pink with Highly Opalescent Duo Chrome Finish.” I love this color. I am too tan for it to work right now but the shade range of opal, pearlescent tones that subtly appear (purple, pink, blue) are delightful. Another cream to powder formula, it stays put & lasts for me.
ColourPop Ultra Metallic Shadow

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Shadow

Colourpop Pics-014-150x150 Colourpop Pics-009-150x150


Lippie Stix:

  • Button: “Pale Creamy Peach Nude in a Satin Finish.” Bottom Line–this shade/formulation feels good on my lips but looks terrible. It looks dry, emphasizes lines in my lips, and the color is more terracotta/orange than peachy nude on me. It is the only lipstick I tried from CP and it did not work for me.
ColourPop Skinny Dip and ColorPop Monster

ColourPop Skinny Dip and ColorPop Monster

Colourpop Pics-033a-276x300

Colourpop Pics-034-225x300

Lippie Pencils:

I am a rule breaker. I did not buy matching lipsticks and pencils as they recommend. It is worth sharing that if you do purchase the sets–they are not meant to be identical colors, but rather, complimentary shades to each other. I find the lip pencils creamy & easy to apply, highly pigmented, a satin finish, and they wear better than “Button.” You do not need the lipstick and the liner if you like a shade–I say go with one or the other, rather than both.

  • Frida: “Mid Tone Nude Pink.” This is a nice nude-terracotta tone on my lips, but I like it. I was hoping for more of a pink shade but it still flatters my complexion.
  • Skimpy: “Soft Warm Nude Beige.” This is a great nude lip liner. The nude, brown tone works perfectly with my medium, olive skin tone.
Colourpop Lip Products

Colourpop Lip Products

ColorPop Skinni Dip and Monster Swatches

ColorPop Skinni Dip and Monster Swatches

ColourPop is based out of L.A., the makeup is made in the US, and they are a cruelty-free company. All of the eye and lip products I purchased retail for $5 and the cheek products retail for $8. ColourPop is sold online exclusively on their website and returns/exchanges are only allowed on damaged items. I received free shipping on my orders because they were over a certain amount ($25 or $35??) Shipping took about a week for the packages to arrive here in Wisconsin. All items were purchased by me.

ColourPop is like every makeup line for me–there will be hits and misses. I like the feel of all of the products. From eyes to lips, it is a soft, creamy formulation that never irritates my skin or breaks me out. I highly recommend watching videos of swatches before making any purchases. ***And remember, unless someone is willing to place the product on their eyes or lips for you to see–there is a chance that it only swatches well, but applies differently!***

Have you tried out any ColourPop cosmetics? I would love actual suggestions on stand out products because I am not about to purchase every finish & shade to find the hidden gems. 🙂 With their fall release of new products, I am tempted to grab a couple of their rich, beautiful ’90s throwback colors.

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