Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles with LIPSTICK!

Concealer is a hot beauty item right now. It is Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles with LIPSTICK!over-used and misused left & right. Contouring half of your face with a light concealer will brighten, but when it isn’t blended properly it looks terrible. If I wanted to use a brightening concealer to highlight it would be well after I have applied my foundation and concealer.

I use concealer to hide dark circles. Concealer has never done what I wanted it to; I kept applying regular concealer under my eyes and my dark circles kept breaking through after an hour or so. There has been quite a buzz for several years about color correcting concealers–specifically the salmon shades. I wanted to try themConceal Under Eye Dark Circles with LIPSTICK! but Eve Pearl & Bobby Brown concealers are out of my price range by a mile.

I’ve kept on applying my concealer under my eyes even though it doesn’t work because I wasConceal Under Eye Dark Circles with LIPSTICK! too cheap to splurge on a color correcting formula and I didn’t know if it really would make a difference. Then I started seeing articles and videos popping up raving about mixing orange (or red) lipstick with your regular concealer to mask dark circles. I had a couple of orange lipsticks that were hanging out that I do not use on my lips. I am glad I never threw them out! After swiping a little orange lipstick under my eyes, applying concealer over it, and then blending gently with my fingertips I have found the best dark circle cover!!! The first time I tried this I kept checking in the mirror–and I kept loving the coverage. I have super dry skin so I do not have to set this with a setting powder but for those of you with combo/oily skin I would suggest a finely milled setting powder.

Full disclosure here: I started out wearing Tarte BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer in “medium”, Palladio brow pencil in “taupe,” Maybelline lipstick in “truffle tease,” and NYX butter lipstick in “sugar wafer” and I finished without adding any additional face makeup.Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles with LIPSTICK! To conceal I used: Maybelline Fit Me concealer in “light” and L’oreal lipstick in “peach parfait.”

I got lucky and the first lipstick I used was creamy–be careful not to choose a sticky lipstick for this. My concealer is finally working for me & it lasts all day. The shade I used today is an orange/peach but I also use a bright tangerine shade and it works well for me. I have medium/olive skin with yellow undertones. If you need a more pink/salmon colored concealer for your dark circles, try a red lipstick instead. This has been one of my biggest beauty discoveries of life! It is so easy to use my own $5 concealer with a lipstick rather than spend $25-$38 on one concealer! If you have visible or light dark circles, you will be amazed at the difference a little color correction gives.

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