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He is a member of the short lived television series t h e. Filmed entirely on location in rio de janeiro brazii a disguised cyril tried his best to blend into everyday situations often looking more hilarious than serious while performing.

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Cyril takayama born september 27 1973 is an american illusionist of japanese and french descent.

Cyril magician. Considered to be one of the earliest pioneers of street magic and admired for his compelling storytelling cyril has starred in 16 primetime television specials and two international television series reaching viewers in over 26 countries and has traveled extensively sharing his own personal brand of magic with the world. By the summer of 2014 cyril introduced a new character driven magic series magiculous rio. Probably one of the most popular is the one that says that there is a man hidden behind the menu who simply removes the pictures of the burgers to pass cyril the actual burger.

سريل sirīl is a masculine given name it is derived from the greek name κύριλλος kýrillos meaning lordly masterful which in turn derives from greek κυριος lord there are various variant forms of the cyril name such as cyrill cyrille ciril kirill kiryl kirillos kuriakose kyrylo kiril kiro and kyrill also carlos. Cyril also cyrillus or cyryl or hijazi arabic. In 2006 the magic castle s milt larson named the top ten magicians of all time in a story that ran in variety.

In 2007 cyril was recognized by his peers in the magic community at the 39th annual academy of magical arts awards also known as the academy awards of magic that year cyril was voted magician of the year putting him in the company of past winners and icons such as david copperfield and seigfreid roy. The series helped to redefine how cyril presented magic on television. Cyril takayama was born and raised in hollywood california his father is a japanese from okinawa prefecture in japan while his mother is french of moroccan descent both of whom were beauticians.

In our list below we identify the current top ten magicians of our time. In his list larson focused on twentieth century magicians. New channel for all sorts of fascinating obscure and incredible videos.

Magician cyril takayama magic the hamburger grab revealed video there are many speculations circulating online about how cyril takayama pulls this off. Cyril takayama had a troubled upbringing and a profile in magic the magazine for magicians published in the mid 2000s describes him being expelled from school at 15 and then.

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