Today I was listening to a radio program about destiny, fate, choice, and free will. Only Yahuwah knows if we have been fated to complete certain tasks–and even then we would still have our free will.  Destiny implies a predetermined set of events for our lives. The truth is we make important choices that change our path everyday–When our ultimate goal is to live peacefully, lovingly, and become more like the creator we have to be mindful of that life-plan everyday; not just when it sounds good to other people. We are destined to be good, strong, loving individuals who value sustainable markedly-good existences and relationships–it is when we follow our hearts into the darkness that we compromise our standards and lose our footing on the narrow path. The creator always believes and wants us to return to a decent, fulfilling existence but he also gives us free will—so it is up to US to make the right choices, follow through with our word, and keep our hearts safe from indecent situations.

Writer Marie Jones shared with the “Coast to Coast AM” listeners (original broadcast 5/22/2012) that destiny is the trajectory of a life–when things go wrong change your path. When we are misaligned with what we should be doing we live a miserable existence. Live authentically–don’t wait to live your life for you. Opportunities need to be seized, not shelved so we continuously repeat ” I should do that” over and over with no action.

I completely agree.

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