Did Benjamin Franklin Signed The Declaration Of Independence

Thomas jefferson benjamin franklin and john adams all wrote that it was signed by congress on the day when it was adopted on july 4 1776. His look of disapproval still haunts our 100 bills.

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The united states declaration of independence formally the unanimous declaration of the thirteen united states of america is the pronouncement adopted by the second continental congress meeting in philadelphia pennsylvania on july 4 1776 the declaration explained why the thirteen colonies at war with the kingdom of great britain regarded themselves as thirteen independent sovereign states.

Did benjamin franklin signed the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence was signed in the united states on august 2 1776. The date that the declaration was signed has long been the subject of debate. Benjamin franklinbenjamin franklin was the oldest person to sign the declaration of independence he was 70 when he signed.

The committee of five presented the document to congress on june 28 1776. Livingston of new york and roger sherman of connecticut. That assertion is seemingly confirmed by the signed copy of the declaration which is dated july 4.

Benjamin franklin is one the more colorful figures of early american history. Declaration of independence in 1776 franklin was appointed by the continental congress to a committee charged with drafting a formal document to justify the colonies decision of severing. A self taught writer and inventor who famously liked the ladies and who despite his lack of education contributed to the founding documents of the united states including the declaration of independence.

Benjamin franklin john adams and thomas jefferson reviewing the declaration of independence in 1776. Prior to setting sail for france in late 1776 to ask the french for assistance in the war franklin gave his entire fortune to congress to help fund the war. There has been a debate on the date with some historians stating that the signing and approval took place on july 4 1776.

Franklin was part of the five member committee that drafted the declaration of independence other members were john adams of massachusetts thomas jefferson of virginia robert r. Mary katherine goddard is unfamiliar to many americans but her name sits on the declaration of independence alongside those of founding fathers like benjamin franklin and thomas jefferson. Benjamin franklin known as the sage of philadelphia benjamin franklin of pennsylvania was the oldest of the signers of the declaration.

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