DIY Bleach Design T-Shirt

DIY Bleach Design T-Shirts

Bleach design t-shirts look great and have a unique, reverse paint-splatter look. I have wanted to try this DIY Bleach Design T-Shirt project for awhile. I picked up the Freezer Paper to do it a long time ago but the idea got pushed to the side over & over. I finally tried it out when the weather turned up pleasant, warm, and bright.

This project is incredibly easy! No bad surprises will befall you as long as basic safety precautions are taken. After purchasing the Freezer Paper, I had everything else I needed at home. This is a quick project but because bleach is involved, it pays to read all of the instructions well & take every precaution to only get the bleach where you want it to go!

You will need:

  • cotton/cotton blend t-shirtDIY Bleach Design T-Shirts
  • freezer paper
  • scissors or a blade to cut out your design
  • spray bottle with bleach (make sure it is thoroughly cleaned out before adding the bleach–and labelled as bleach)
  • cardboard or newspaper to place inside the shirt if you do not want bleach to bleed through to the opposite side
  • iron
  • plastic gloves

How to do it:

  1. Select a clean t-shirt to decorate.
  2. Make your freezer paper design & cut it out. It can be simple or you can design layers to remove for depth of color. You can trace a design or create your own.
  3. Place the freezer paper cut-out on the shirt (shiny side down) and pass over it several times with an iron (I had mine set at “4” for cotton.)
  4. (Optional) Place a flat piece of cardboard inside the shirt if you do not want the bleach to bleed through and transfer to the back of your project.
  5. With gloved hands, in a well ventilated area that it is okay to spray bleach (do not ruin your carpeting, etc,) wearing clothing that you do not mind getting a few bleach spots on (I had no issues)—-spray the bleach over your cut-out wax paper. I used a fine-misting bottle that is dedicated in my kitchen for only housing bleach. Let it sit for 5 minutes to develop. Add additional bleach if desired. Let dry another 5-10 minutes.
  6. Remove your cardboard and place your shirt(s) in the washer. Do not get so excited that you throw the shirt on immediately. Bleach is no joke & it will irritate your skin badly (I washed mine once with detergent & cold water.) My designs looked exactly like they did before I washed them. There was no extra fading or spreading of bleach.


I placed extra cut outs within my project to give it depth, but it will look great using solid designs too! I like how the finished project looks. The darker your starting t-shirt color, the more noticeable your bleach spray will be. You can create designs or find them online. Check out pictures & tattoo designs online for inspiration. There are a lot of bold pictures that you can carefully trace right off of your computer, tablet, or phone or you can print designs to trace.













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