DIY Cartoon Nails

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Cartoon nails are so cute! They look like you pulled your hands out of a comic book. I watched a lot of videos on two different techniques to prepare. If you have a steady hand and nail brushes, you might have terrific luck with the first. Otherwise, just stick to the second technique! Cartoon nails require a darker color as the border, a lighter color as the center, and white polish as an accent.

Technique #1:

  1. Apply the center color (the lighter shade) to the entire nail & let dry
  2. Taking a nail brush & acrylic black paint or black nail polish, draw a line around the outer edge of the entire nail
  3. Using a thin nail brush and white polish, (I used Sinful Colors Nail Art polish in “Bad Chick”) apply an accent line with a dot above/next to it
  4. Apply a top coat

Technique #2:

  1. Apply the darker shade to the entire nail (I used Milani “Deep Thoughts)
  2. Apply the lighter color to the center of the nail (I used Julep “Sylvia” and Sally Hansen Satin Glam “Chic Pink”)
  3. Cap off the top of the nail with a thin curved line of the darker shade (Milani)
  4. Apply a thin line of white polish as an accent with a dot above/next to the white line (Sinful Colors Nail Art “Bad Chick)
  5. Apply a top coat–I used a glossy top coat, but most tutorials suggest a matte top coat

Cartoon Nails Purple Cartoon Nails Purple Cartoon Nails

I much prefer the results of Technique #2. It is easier for me to apply, quicker to apply, and less stressful–with better results. Nails are fun, you can change them out constantly, and in the winter

I have to have something on my nails or they get destroyed too easily. I really like the look of Cartoon Nails!

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