Don’t follow your heart—Lead your heart to what is right

For a large portion of my existence I wanted so badly to find the perfect EVERYTHING. Now I know you have to work for it.  Movies and love songs taught me that love-at-first-sight was within my reach (and sustainable long-term!) and that by being a good person I could land an amazing, high paying job without developing any particular skills or knowledge. It was a seemingly positive set of visions but I did set myself up for some pretty severe disappointment when I realized that I was not perfect. Now I appreciate that through personal growth, awareness about myself & my surroundings, and a great set of instructions from our loving creator I can WORK towards anything I desire.

Following your heart is actually a terrible idea. It is a concept of new age gurus and songwriters that suggests you ignore your brain, throw caution & conscience to the wind, and run towards short-term satisfaction or “happiness.”  Basing life decisions on a whim is unreliable because our feelings, emotions, promises, and wishes are superficial and shallow. The truth is our hearts are basically corrupt–selfish and sinful. To make your heart’s desires the compass for your choices (instead of following your moral compass) can lead to chasing full-speed after what feels right AT THE MOMENT.

I know that for myself, my heart tends to follow what I am most invested in. Whatever I choose to focus on with my thoughts, time, resources, and energy will draw my heart towards it! I make sure to keep my focus on the right things nowadays (as much as humanly possible) and not on what is easy and provides quick, short-lived satisfaction. I want a truly sustainable life–sustainable creating, sustainable friendship & love, and not following desires that offer no good outcomes; just momentary good feelings.

So… I say don’t follow your heart—LEAD it! With patience, hard work, real/meaningful goals and love, there is little that we can’t acheive! Find out who you are, what is right for you, and never compromise in your fight for the good in your life that you deserve!

Update: 6/28/2012

I found this great video on youtube concerning following your heart–Should you follow your heart

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