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I always used to rely on importing all the cloth i needed from caravans. Created may 16 2009.

Falconer Has Solved The Trade Ui Options To Mark Unmark Goods For Trade Plus A Search Function Eggs Search Steel Mark Search Tattered Mark Available Bundled In The Updated Lnp In The Sidebar

Unlike divine metals divine fabrics cannot be modified into other items nor are they appreciably better than their mundane counterparts.

Dwarf fortress cloth. From dwarf fortress wiki. Rotting cloth gives exceptionally strong unhappy thoughts and are probably the biggest reason for tantrum spirals in the entire game. They may be processed at a farmer s workshop to create pig tail thread which is then used to weave pig tail cloth at a loom or brewed into dwarven ale or mashed into slurry at a quern or millstone.

Clothing thoughts are quite strong and they stack with each other. Importing dye however is only useful if you have a somewhat skilled dyer otherwise little value is added and the work wasted it is better to buy or grow the source plants if available and mill them yourself. For example in my fort every last dwarf was ecstatic.

I just started my very first game of dwarf fortress. Supporting bay12 forum post. Sure does take a while.

He dropped to content. But while in previous versions the likelihood of sieges seemed to be proportional to the value of your fortress with 40 xx sieges seem to happen whenever they feel like it. That s okay i ll go about my day for a while.

Then i come back it s at almost 800 years. Divine fabrics are used as material for items and clothing used by angels who ruthlessly protect the vault s priceless treasures. Cloth can be fashioned into clothing or bags at a clothier s shop or made into crafts at a craftsdwarf s workshop.

Dwarves will replace degraded clothing themselves if appropriate clothing is available in the fortress. I once had a very unlucky dwarf who lost his spouse his child and 2 pets in a matter of days. Even worn clothing can still fetch a hefty price 1 2 to 3 4 its original value and your dwarves will make sure there is an abundant supply.

One newly made piece of cloth is worth 10000 cloth units and a thread is worth 15000 units of thread according to the hospital. Dye can be used at the dyer s shop to change the color of cloth or thread dye is made by milling certain plants at a millstone or quern usually all caravans will bring dye for trade too. A high quality textile industry.

Some dwarves like pig tails for their twisting stalks. From dwarf fortress wiki. I decide i want a really complex and rich world so i set the size to massive with the highest options for civilizations map size and history.

Wearing tattered clothing items with x or xx wear but not x wear clothing rots away while worn. Elves tend to bring rope reed cloth humans bring wool and dwarves bring pig tail. Cloth is a common trade good brought by all civilizations particularly if your fortress is running low on clothing.

Clothing is required for a mature fortress as clothes will eventually wear away and necessitate replacement. A highly skilled clothesmaker is a boon for any fortress. It is entirely possible to run your clothing industry off of the cloth imports brought by these caravans but it can be rather expensive.

Humans and dwarves often bring wool and pig tail cloth. Dwarf fortress losing is fun.

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