Dwarf Fortress Colors

For an overview of graphics in dwarf fortress see graphics. For a discussion of how df displays different items and decides which colors get altered and when see color.

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You can find a preview album here and the colors txt file here.

Dwarf fortress colors. If looking for different colors for the game as seen on your computer screen see color scheme. A color scheme is broken down into 16 color labels. Strength speed and memory and other appearance modifiers e g.

Color is used to express various information from a dwarf s profession to the natural color of a terrain feature to the material an item is made of. The color scheme data is located in the colors txt file found in the dwarf fortress data init folder. Nose length are also affected by genetics but more research is currently needed to either.

For lists of the colors of materials professions creatures etc see the color lists at the bottom of this page. Dwarf fortress can use 16 colors to give every tile a foreground and background color. If looking for the different colors used to represent different dwarves see skill categories.

These 16 colors make up the color scheme which of these colors are assigned to a. The default scheme is quite bold other. Black dgray blue lblue green lgreen cyan lcyan red lred magenta lmagenta brown yellow lgray white.

They are used to display the main graphics. If looking for colors of items listed in the z. Their appearance varies but they tends toward light greyish colors and make up a lot of your typical light stone.

A colorscheme generator for dwarf fortress. Just wanted to share a color scheme i put together i like to come up with alternative color schemes when i m bored and just thought i should share my latest. For user compiled colors see color scheme.

The geology and stones of dwarf fortress are based to some extent on real world geology and mineralogy. A character set or simply tileset is an image in bmp or png format that contains the 256 different tiles corresponding to the ibm code page 437 sometimes called extended ascii. Dwarf fortress uses color schemes to determine how the game will be presented during play whether a ranger will appear bright spring green or dark forest green or whether microcline will be eye blasting blue or something more calm.

Dfcolorgen and df color configurator are web tools to create and visualize color. To understand the terms used here you may want to crack open a geology textbook a high school one should suffice. This page serves as a repository for custom tilesets made by users including instructions on how to install them.

Genetics is the study of inheritance and genes the things that decide an organism s innate traits dwarf fortress sports a model of mendelian genetics deciding creature colors according to dwarf fortress talk 8 attributes e g.

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