Dwarf Fortress Turkey

Content is available under gfdl mit unless otherwise noted. Chickens are common domestic poultry known for their eggs and meat.

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Compared to other domestic poultry turkeys are the largest in size being a better food source than the likes of chickens.

Dwarf fortress turkey. Dwarf fortress is the most incredible and impressive video game you ve probably never played. Under continuous development since 2003 by tarn adams with assistance from his brother zach. 9 000 1 10 20 1 3 60 white stork.

About dwarf fortress wiki. Males are called turkey gobblers females are called turkey hens and hatchlings are called poults. Male chickens are known as roosters female chickens are known as hens and young chickens are known as chicks like other domestic poultry they spend most of their time rooting around on the ground eating vermin.

A cook is a dwarf whose highest skill is in cooking. Adult male turkeys are called turkey gobblers and adult females are called turkey hens. This page was last edited on 28 december 2014 at 01 28.

It is prized for its tasty eggs. If a turkey gobbler is present and the eggs are forbidden before they are. They will also render fat into tallow at the kitchen.

A small domestic bird capable of flying short distances. From dwarf fortress wiki. 5 000 1 7 10 10 14 87 domestic.

I made nest boxes for them all and i seem to be getting massive amounts of eggs after the first few minutes of construction. So i started a new fortress. From dwarf fortress wiki.

3 000 1 20 40 1 7 110 this creature cannot be fully tamed by dwarves and thus will require frequent training. Egg size does not currently affect food quantity. Hens which claim a nest box will regularly lay between 10 and 14 eggs which can then be collected by a dwarf with the food hauling labor.

Literally minutes after i made nestboxes my dwarves took almost 500 eggs to my food stockpile. Cooks will prepare meals at the kitchen workshop using ingredients available in your fortress. Although some kinds of food can be eaten raw other food resources are ingredients which are only edible when cooked into a meal.

Both of these fall under the cooking labor. About dwarf fortress wiki. On embark i brought with myself 20 turkey hens and 5 turkey gobblers.

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