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Rather this recipe is made from einkorn flour. This is why so many of the recipes on the blog feature this grain.

Homemade Bread With Einkorn Flour Recipe Homemade Bread Einkorn Flour Einkorn Recipes

Browse all of our delicious einkorn recipes and find your new favorite gluten free recipes here.

Einkorn recipes. We also have great dairy free vegetarian and vegan recipes. I like to use the berries in recipes that call for farro or wheat berries. I posted my einkorn bread recipe last month and now that voting season is coming to a close i m finally getting around to telling you about the delicious honey whole grain einkorn pitas i baked up.

Einkorn can still be a bit hit or miss at stores but can easily be ordered online. Try these einkorn recipes buy whole grain berries learn about its history and nutritional facts or follow the einkorn page on facebook. Man s first wheat grown by farmers 5 000 years ago.

As you ve probably guessed today s recipe is for homemade bread. This ancient wheat bakes the most amazing loaf of sourdough bread with an added bonus of easier digestion. A couple of years ago i shared a whole wheat bread recipe and crusty bread recipe both of which have become reader favorites today s recipe is a whole grain based bread but it doesn t call for whole wheat flour.

Einkorn is the only wheat that s missing certain types of gluten proteins which some people are sensitive to. Einkorn can be used to make any baked good desired from cookies as we re going to talk about today to cakes to pancakes. If you find that you love einkorn as much as i do there are a couple of solid cookbooks that revolve around this grain.

Personally i ve found that i digest einkorn well along with wheat breads and baked goods that have gone through the sourdough process. Here are some time tested recipes that are sure to be family favorites that will help you get started with this delicious wheat. Not only were they delicious but they were also very light and the texture was perfect.

It s extra healthy and very tasty. Einkorn sourdough bread has a wonderfully fluffy chewy interior and a satisfying crusty exterior. Einkorn is an amazing original grain that has never been hybridized or modified.

As jovial states einkorn may be substituted cup for cup with regular whole wheat flour in some muffin pancake cake and cookie recipes however sometimes the amount of liquid in the recipe needs to be reduced by roughly 15 20. Feel free to contact us with any ideas or questions. Einkorn and the einkorn cookbook.

Einkorn flour 116 einkorn wheat berries 38 gluten free bread flours gf 38 gluten free pastry flours gf 52 olive oil 151 sprouted einkorn flour 19 tomatoes 44 traditional einkorn pasta 9 whole grain einkorn flour 44 whole grain einkorn pasta 23. I was pleasantly surprised to see and taste pitas made from einkorn berries.

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