Facial Hair Remover Reviews–Nair Spa Clay Cream & Sugar Wax

Facial Hair Removal

My upper lip has had some sparse, thin hair since high school. facial hair removalI have tried bleach (which gave me a big blonde moustache,) tweezing, and shaving. If I touch up with the razor every few days, the hair is barely noticeable. In my mind, if I was ever to let the hair grow in fully, I envisioned people staring at my moustache at the grocery store. For this review I let my upper lip hair grow out several times and it wasn’t that bad. I noticed it but no one else did. My boyfriend reassures me that I do not have to torture myself to hide a couple of thin, dark hairs. I, on the other hand, wanted to try out a couple new products with the hope of stretching out the amount of time in between removal sessions.

Unfortunately, neither product I tried wowed me. I tried the NairNair Brazilian Spa Clay Face Cream Hair Remover Review Brazilian Spa Clay Face Cream Hair Remover (sensitive formula) and the Nair Face Roll-On Wax Kit with Water Rinseable Sugar Wax. The cream utilizes chemicals to burn the hair off of the face. Depilatory creams smell awful, as a rule. This one was slightly milder than other creams I have tried for the body, but it was revolting nonetheless. As for its “sensitive formula” claim, I have to cry foul. It tingled & then slightly burned the skin while applied and my upper lip was sensitive for a whole extra day. As for the hair removal, when left on for 6-7 minutes it removed the least noticeable hairs but when left on for an extra 3 minutes it removed a significant amount more. In both trials, I found that where it looked like it had removed the hair completely, I had visible regrowth within a couple of days. It was easy to apply, I could tolerate the scent compared to other depilatory creams, I could tolerate the discomfort of it burning the hair off, it was easy to remove, and if my hair was slightly finer I believe it could have done more. ($8.99 on Amazon.com)

The sugar wax was a complete fail. I tried it several times and it never worked.Nair Roll On Wax Kit Review I made sure my face was dry, I made sure the wax was heated properly, I pulled my skin super tight to rip off the cloths, and still, I failed completely with this one. It was easy to prepare, easy to apply, it did sting to remove the cloths (a little,) but it did not pull one hair off of my face. I have used pre-made wax strips to remove “side burns,” tweezers to groom my brows & the occasional long facial hair, and yet I could not remove one hair from my lip. Feeling inadequate in my hair removal technique, I checked out some online reviews and apparently a lot of people can not get this stuff to yank out even one hair. (Around $10 at the grocery store.)

The cream is not going to become a part of my regular beauty routine but I did get it to work. The sugar wax is useless, I say do not waste your money on the roll-on wax! So–I gave away the ending to the video, but you might still have fun watching!






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