Fall Favorites 2019

Fall is here: we have only had to turn the furnace on a few times & for at least the next week, the forecasted temps stay in the 50s & 60s. The oven & crockpot is working overtime. I have been enjoying baking (new pumpkin recipes) & creating soups for the chillier weather! Beyond the warm drinks, scarf weather, and pumpkin flavored universe, I have been enjoying some new products:

Fall Favorites

Colgate Optic White Express White Toothpaste

Fresh minty taste (but not so minty that it burns my mouth,) fast results (I could notice a difference in two days,) and the low price tag make this toothpaste worth trying if you are looking to brighten your smile! $3.99 in most drugstores, I have better results from this toothpaste than from sensitivity-inducing pricey whitening strips. I have tried other whitening toothpaste with no results & they were so minty they burned my mouth–This one is a keeper!

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Penzeys Spices

Headquartered in Wisconsin, Penzeys has retail stores in 29 states & an online store. Their spices are my gold standard for flavor and texture/ease of use for cooking and baking. My Mom was kind enough to pick up some staples while she was in Appleton. She purchased the Pumpkin Pie Spice, Smoked Paprika (Spanish Style,) and the Hot Curry Powder. They are already in my regular spice rotation. I have been mixing homemade Creme Fraiche with the Hot Curry Powder & adding it to rice. The Pumpkin Pie Spice is extremely useful this time of year with all of the pumpkin recipes going in the oven. The best of the bunch is the Smoked Paprika–it is my favorite savory spice to use in many dishes. Smoked paprika is exceptionally tasty with any kind of skillet potato recipe!

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I have two additions to my jewelry collection that touch my heart: a new Pandora orchid charm (in remembrance of my sister) and a handcrafted necklace of her signature. My sister’s co-workers took my Mom & I out to lunch last month where they surprised us with this necklace. Someone there was wonderful enough to send her signature to an Etsy store that creates a necklace from the signature. I absolutely love it!

Perrier Pink Grapefruit Sparkling Mineral Water

The cans are the right size if you are in a hurry & want to grab something that isn’t terrible for you. The hint of grapefruit is refreshing & light. These little guys are delicious! They retail for $5.49 for 10 cans at Target.


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows, Creme Gel Colour & Liner

When I was disappointed with an earlier purchase of Super Shock Shadows, I had a theory that the disappointing pigmentation of my metallic shadows was because I chose pastel, light shades. I grabbed 3 new shades ($5/each) & I was right! One of the shadows is on the lighter side, but I accredit its amazing pigmentation to it being an “ultra metallic.”

The gel liners are fantastic! There is a huge variety of colors at $5/each: to be honest, this is no deal. It is $5 for .01 oz. Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils retail at $20 for .04 oz of product. The nice part is, you can try out several colors for the lower price/smaller amount of product. I find them comparable in pigmentation to the Urban Decay 24/7 Pencils but with a matte finish (even the metallic colors dry matte!) I like the matte finish a lot.

The Creme Gel Colour pots all have corresponding pencil colors. The gel pots have .11 oz of product for $6. In comparison, my HG gel liner is the Tarte Amazonion Clay Waterproof Liner with .08 oz of product for $21! The ColourPop Creme Gel Colour is a more dry formula to apply but it does not budge once applied. The metallic shade is much creamier in application than the matte shade.

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  • Super Shock Shadows: I love all 3 but LaLa is my favorite. LaLa is an ultra-metallic rose gold shade that kisses the copper end of the rose gold spectrum. It is so gorgeous! Cricket is a metallic plum shade with a hint of cool-toned glitter. From reading the online reviews, it apparently shows differently on different skin tones–ranging from brown to purple. On me, it is a deep lavender shade that has a respectable amount of silver glitter. Others describe the glitter as pink. Stereo looks different on me than the online swatches but it matches its “blackened burgundy with duo chrome glitter, metallic finish” description well. Again, the amount of glitter is not too much. It is also worth noting that the metallic Cricket & Stereo are less of a creamy consistency than the shades I did not like in the past. There is no slipping & sliding all over and glitter does not spread all over my face. I like these.
  • Creme Gel Colour: I like both the matte and the metallic shade equally. Timber is a cool toned gray that is more dry in its application but has a fantastic color pay-off and is long wearing throughout the day. Get Paid is a metallic rose gold shade that is heavy on the copper end of the rose gold spectrum, but it is gorgeous. Get Paid is more creamy than Timber but it dries down to a matte finish while keeping its metallic brilliance.
  • Creme Gel Liner: Kicker is an amazing true silver shade. It is Liberty (Ultra-Metallic Super Shock Shadow) in a liner form. It is as pigmented and easy to apply as an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil except it dries down to a completely matte finish. Stomper is a great cool-toned brown (matte) liner. It has a creamy, easy application but dries down to an immovable matte finish.

All of the ColourPop eye products remove easily with basic eye makeup remover. Only the Timber Creme Gel Colour required any extra effort.

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Makeup Geek DuoChrome Eye Shadows & Pigment

I have talked about these beauties before. They are stunning, iridescent, multi-toned, pigmented, colors out of my fantasies. They are beautiful worn alone or as an accent shade. They look different when worn with or over other colors and with the turn of your head, several shades appear.

The shadows retail for $6 for .064 oz (MAC shadow pans contain .04 oz for $16 and Coastal Scents hot pots retail for $1.95 for .05 oz.) The pigment is $12 for 3 grams of product (Inglot pigment retails for $16 for 2 grams and MAC pigment is $22 for 4.5 grams.) The duochrome pigments had a rocky premiere onto the makeup scene: their sifters were causing containers to crack during shipment. I believe the sifters are now shipped separately from the container. Makeup Geek Cosmetics & ColourPop Cosmetics are cruelty-free brands. I had done a huge purge of expired makeup recently and as I replace items, I have focused on purchasing from cruelty-free companies.

Fall is sometimes short-lived in Wisconsin & winter roars in far too soon, but this year we have been blessed to experience warm temperatures, sunny days, and only one good sloppy dumping of snow so far. The boots are out, the hats & mittens are organized, but fall feels like hanging around this year–I am glad it did! I hope everyone is enjoying their last days of fall. Have a great weekend!

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