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It is no secret that I like a bit of glitter, sparkle, & brightness in my life. It makes me happy. I had been collecting DIY Glitter Projects for over a year now & when I took a good look at the posts, most of them were extremely similar. That made it easy to narrow down my project ideas. I settled on using glitter to re-do my large dresser, glitter paint to make homemade window clings, and glitter & metallic confetti to create glitter relaxation bottles.

These projects were a lot of fun, they were fairly inexpensive, and I absolutely love the video I have! The video of the glitter bottles is some of the prettiest footage I have ever captured. It’s the little things….


Glitter Dresser Drawers:

I have a large dresser with 6 drawers. I decided to sand down the glossy finish and apply a mixture of matte mod podge & Martha Stewart glitter in Fire Opal. It took two coats to achieve my desired look. The glitter dried down to a smooth finish and the drawers are not scratchy and do not snag on any clothing. I also transferred a laser printed image of iridescent tiles to the larger drawers. (All instructions are in the video) I finished off the project by touching up the drawer pulls with Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint. My dresser is looking refreshed! It is brighter & shinier without being too over the top.

Glitter Window Clings and Relaxation Bottles Pics-050

Glitter Window Clings:

I looked at several posts on DIY window clings. I was scared off of using wax paper & there was a suggestion on one blog about using acetate sheets.

I settled on plastic report covers from CVS for my first trial. Then I saw the post from Club Chica Circle that used freezer paper. I did another run using the freezer paper. I felt like both worked well. The big difference was how heavy of an application of paint I used. Thin pieces/lines are a bad idea. All lines need to connect & it is easier to remove creations that are filled in completely.

I used both Tulip Puffy Paint & Tulip Glitter Paint. The glitter paint peels off MUCH easier! The puffy paint tends to stretch & lose its shape, but it can be used successfully as an accent. I would definitely let the clings dry a minimum of 24 hours before using. I’ve had mine up for days and the temperature has been sneaking down all the way into the ’20s & they have stayed put with no issues. These are a great outlet for creativity–my Ron Swanson window cling is a favorite at our house (even if his face got a little distorted when I peeled it off.)

Dresser Final Pics-001-300x225

Glitter Relaxation Bottles:

I tried two “recipes” and they were both good. Magic Bottles did not require boiling the water but I felt like my glitter & metallic confetti were dropping too fast so I added some clear Tacky glue to slow things down. It worked great! Calming Glitter Bottles did require boiling the water because it needs to be hot to dissolve the glitter glue that is used. I did not purchase as much glitter glue as I should have but they still turned out beautifully. I did sub in some Tulip glitter paint. It turned my mixture a pastel, milky tone (but I like it.) These bottles are so pretty! They would definitely be a great way to help calm down an upset child. I am entertained by them & they are ridiculously fun to play with. Swirling glitter is my kryptonite. I can’t watch it and smile.

All of my projects turned out, my life & my house have more glitter in them, and I am loving it! What ways do you sneak glitter into your day? I will confess that I always carry a glitter gel pen in my purse just in case… These will not be the last DIY Glitter Projects I try!

Glitter Window Clings and Relaxation Bottles Pics-053-150x150 Glitter Window Clings and Relaxation Bottles Pics-001-150x150Shattered Glass Nails-029-150x150

Glitter Window Clings and Relaxation Bottles Pics 060-300x225

DIY Glitter Projects Video

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