Fiber Lash Mascaras Review ft Younique, DivaDerme, and Alpha Love

Back in October I took the plunge and ordered the highly advertised Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes through a friend’s Facebook party. I tried it out because of the claims it would enhance my lash volume by up to 400%. I saw it compared by representatives online to false lashes. After purchasing the Younique mascara, I also ordered a couple of much more affordable fiber lash products off of Amazon for comparison: Love Alpha (leopard packaging) and DivaDerme. FYI–my lashes respond well to most mascaras & undergo a remarkable transformation with 1-2 coats of regular mascara. What I considered when reviewing these fiber lash products is: how messy they are to apply, lengthening & volumizing abilities vs. regular mascaras, how they wear throughout the day, ease of removal, and the cost of the products. I began using the mascaras in November and have been trying them out weekly ever since.

I was very excited to try the products & I was happy with my initial applications. The bottom line is that you either like using mascaras that are multi-step & include applying loose fibers or you don’t. They require patience, a slight learning curve for application, and there is the potential for mess. They are applied differently than other mascaras & that takes some getting used to. All of the products had minimal fallout during application; It comes with the territory. For my review, I did not include fiber mascaras that are one step (L’Oreal, NYX.) I believe that my initial satisfactory applications point to me using the products correctly.

I have to be completely honest about my Younique experience. The product took weeks longer to arrive than expected. The representative apologized when the product had not shipped after a couple of weeks and messaged me when the product did ship. Younique mascara now comes in a small pouch that I can not find a purpose for. It was previously sent in an attractive black quilted hard case. I am mystified as to how they did away with the cost of the hard case & still charge $29 for the mascara. The Younique bottles are, however, quite attractive.

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Meet the Mascaras:

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+:

  • “Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%”
  • Comes with .02 oz of 3D Fibers (made of plant cellulose) & .23 oz of Transplanting Gel.
  • Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free & Cruelty-Free
  • $29 plus shipping & handling (over $36 total)
  • Extreme wait for the product to ship.
  • 14 day return policy for a full refund.
  • Party Representative offered to send me an eye pigment sample for the inconvenience of the delay in shipment but it was not sent out after I declined to host my own party.
  • The Younique becomes increasingly clumpy after using the loose fibers and sealing with the transplanting gel. The transplanting gel stops separating as effectively and becomes thick. The volumizing effect is overshadowed by the clumpy look of the application for me.

Love Alpha Leopard Transplanting Gel & Natural Fiber Mascara Set:

  • “Lashes can be extended by 300% and made 2X thicker”
  • Comes with .10 oz of Green Tea Natural Black Fibers & .40 oz. of 3D Transplanting Gel
  • $5.55 on Amazon
  • Arrived on time
  • Best consistent results over time but I do not feel my lashes were given exceptional length or volume with the product. DivaDerme was used with a couple of different mascaras (it does not come with a transplanting gel) and it wasn’t until I found the right one that it became my favorite.
  • I enjoy using the transplanting gel alone vs adding the fibers.
  • The transplanting gel did not turn to sludge (like Younique) but did thicken after using it with the fibers.

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DivaDerme Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle (Black:)

  • “Fortified with vitamin E, this intensive natural treatment delivers longer, fuller, thicker, healthier lashes in seconds.” (Available in Black or White Fibers.)
  • .25 oz of 100% Natural Lash Extender Fibers (cellulose)
  • Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, & Cruelty-Free
  • Instructions state to use on top of a wet formula/new mascara, not an old/dry mascara.
  • Includes a small, soft “Diva Brush” for sweeping away any loose fibers after application–I found it useful for separating my lashes after applying the product too.
  • $6.05 on Amazon, $19 at Kohl’s
  • Arrived on time
  • You will want to dedicate one mascara to be used solely with the fibers (that mascara will eventually be overtaken with the fibers.)
  • Gave the best dramatic results of all three products (when used with an Essence mascara.) The trick is finding the right mascara for you to use with the product…


  1. Younique and Love Alpha: Apply fibers in between thin coats of the transplanting gel.
  2. DivaDerme: Apply in between coats of your favorite mascara. Apply a light coat of regular or waterproof mascara. While still wet, apply DivaDerme lash extender to the tips of your lashes with a rolling motion of brush. Apply another coat of mascara. Repeat process until desired length and volume is achieved.
  • Apply the fibers mid-lash to tip: focus on the ends. All 3 were easy to apply. DivaDerme & Love Alpha initially required three coats to mimic two coats of Younique, but the Younique became remarkably more clumpy in look and application as time went on.
  • Younique & Love Alpha are water resistant.
  • Easy to remove thoroughly with makeup remover or soap/water because they are not waterproof. I use makeup remover wipes (generic Neutrogena ones) by placing the wipe on the eye for about a minute before I wipe/swipe the product away.
  • It is best to apply one eye at a time.
  • It is optimal to apply the fibers while the mascara or transplanting gel is completely wet.
  • None of the fibers irritated my eyes and felt lightweight on the lashes. I had no problems when I used the fiber lash products with contacts. All of them wear well.
  • During use and removal of all products, I noticed a greater loss of natural lashes than usual but nothing concerning.
  • Fiber lash products are not comparable to false lashes for me. False lashes look very dramatic, well separated, smooth, and sleek.

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My initial applications with Younique appeared more impressive than they were only because my eyes did not burn, I did not have tons of application fallout & I did not have spider eyes (not having your worst fears realized does not equal success in retrospect.) Upon further review, Younique is not for me. I find the application to be messy (now that the transplanting gel has thickened) and I do not like clumpy looking lashes. The more I use the products, the clumpier they look. I am increasingly dissatisfied with my results. I really liked the transplanting gel as a primer but once you use it to seal the fibers, it is ruined. I did not return the Younique because I was reviewing it. I did not realize within 14 days that I was unsatisfied with the purchase so thoroughly–and after that, I decided to keep testing it out for this review. I wanted it to work, I really did. If I had done my review immediately after receiving the product, it would have been glowing. Two months on, Younique is my least favorite of the three.

I have enjoyed Love Alpha and DivaDerme more. Love Alpha gives the least dramatic results but has the best-separating abilities. DivaDerme gives non-clumpy, dramatic volume (when used with a good mascara) and I see no harm in having to purchase a separate mascara. I highly recommend using it with Essence, Catrice or Jordana mascaras. There are a couple of new multi-step fiber mascara products in the drugstore (Wet N Wild and Milani) and Too Faced and Tarte offers fiber lash products if you want to pick them up in store rather than order online.

I am still on the fence whether or not I am enjoying using loose fibers. My go-to makeup look is a natural lip & mascara for leaving the house. I find myself grabbing regular mascara more often because I do not have to apply multiple layers and worry about transfer & fallout. If you are interested in dabbling in fiber lash products, I recommend saving your money and experimenting with one of the lower priced products.

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Fiber Lash Mascaras Review Video

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