Firefly Watching

I grew up in a small city. There are few instances where Firefly Watchingit is even remotely dark. Between the street lights, front lights and backyard lights you never really experience darkness. And you need darkness if you want to see fireflies. Across from our front yard was a very large cemetery. The fireflies were abundant but I wasn’t interested in the cemetery after dark. Now I live 45 minutes away in “the country.” We have few street lights by us and when the sun goes down it gets DARK.

About a week ago I let the dog out before bed and saw the entire backyard & field beyond it ablaze with fireflies. Hundreds of them sparkled in the darkness. They move so quickly that it felt like they were fireflies2 015surrounding me and invisible all at the same time. I decided to attempt pictures and video and I learned a few things: Fireflies do not sit still, they always appear to be closer than they are, and the perfect time to record them is when the sun is 3/4 of the way down. You have a small window of 10-15 minutes where they show up best on film and video. I took 6 nights of video and slowly went through all of the footage. It is a small taste of the wonder I experienced; minus the mosquito bites!

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