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Cgp grey brady haran talking about youtube life work and whatever. It did not obtain enough votes however and the nail and gear instead became the official flag.

A Redesign Of The Hello Internet Flag That Incorporates 4 Of The 5 Candidates Sorry White Cross Hellointernet

Flaggy flag design the flag is a variant on a traditional tricolor flag with a 2 3 aspect ratio and was designed by thp44.

Flaggy flag hello internet. If we re thinking of dividing the flag vertically in half the right half of that flag is the traditional hello internet grey color now the left half has been vertically divided in two again so that there is a black vertical stripe and a white vertical stripe that are. Club claws. Tims could vote in the referendum by sending in a postal vote on a postcard to brady s po box.

Flaggy flag was created by the reddit user thp44. On december 16 2015 it was elected to be the official flag in episode 53. The official flag of the hello internet podcast is the nail and gear.

About itunes rss support the show patreons archive 2015 hello internet podcast flag referendum. January 30 2019 hello internet hello internet. Flaggy flag 25 black 25 white 50 grey.

After the election some supporters of flaggy flag rebelled against the nail and gear claiming that the official flag was actually flaggy. Posted by 22 days ago. It is often referred to as loser flag by grey and brady and supporters of flaggy flag are sometimes called rebel scums.

The nail and gear flag is in the. Posted by 20 days ago. Hot new top rising.

Flaggy flag is one of the five flags in the hello internet flag referendum. Hello internet the movie staring brad pitt in world war z michael shannon reads the insane delta gamma sorority letter. After the flag was made official the flaggy flag was made the unofficial rebel flag.

Size of this png preview of this svg file. The hello internet flag referendum was a referendum to vote on the flag that would become the official flag of hello internet after three rounds of votes the nail gear became the official flag of hello internet. The original flag was made by reddit user u lazhward kirmist but with a red background and yellow nail and gear.

800 533 pixels. About itunes rss support the show patreons archive hello internet. 320 213 pixels 640 427 pixels 1 024 683 pixels 1 280 853 pixels 900 600 pixels.

A flag i made it recently. The referendum used instant runoff voting. Flaggy flag warriors r flaggyflag.

Flaggy flag proudly flown in my minecraft word even before the results of the vote was announced this is a banner. First off let me state that i do support the choice of our flag nail gear. But with that said i think flaggy flag is an excellent flag.

As a graphic designer i think that nail gear was indeed the better choice because it is very recognizable has only 2 colors and is without a doubt the hi flag. Flaggy flag is the unofficial rebel flag of hello internet it was originally in the hello internet flag referendum as a possible candidate for the official flag.

Due To The Infighting Between Nail And Gear Loyalists And Flaggy Flag Rebels I Designed This Temporary Battle Flag Under Which We Should Band Together Now Is A Time For Unity

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