FolkArt Color Shift Paints

I found promotional info about the new FolkArt Color Shift Paints a couple of months ago and their online demos had me really excited. Duo-chrome acrylics are exactly what my craft collection needed! I can’t think of a more beautiful, unique way to customize home decor, furniture, and art projects! The metallic, glossy, color-shifting paints were due in stores in mid-late February (I was waiting.) I found them this week when we made a trip to the city and I found five of the ten Color Shift shades at Michaels, retailing at $3.99 for 2 oz. The Color Shift Paints were displayed with the new Brushed Metal Collection across the store from the acrylic paint section. They were not easy to find, nestled in a tiny section near the holiday clearance aisles.

Color Shift Projects

I immediately tested out the colors on the back of a Home Depot tile and I fell in love. FolkArt Color Shift Paints are rich, pigmented gorgeous shades that have a beautiful color shift. All of the colors I picked up are exceptional. The glossy paint applies best to surfaces that can absorb it. On the front of a glazed tile, the paint slips around. The paint needs a couple of coats but has an opaque, gorgeous finish on ceramic projects.

FolkArt Color Shift Paint

FolkArt Color Shift Paint

Yellow Flash

Shifts from a bright metallic lemon-yellow to an iridescent gold tone.

Orange Flash

Shifts from a warm metallic tangerine-orange to an iridescent magenta tone.

Pink Flash

Shifts from a metallic magenta to an iridescent cool purple tone.

Aqua Flash

Shifts from a metallic teal to an iridescent blue tone.

Purple Flash

Shifts from a metallic violet-purple to an iridescent blue tone.

I use a lot of acrylic paint and many times I water them down with gloss medium & add a little color shifting mica powder. Color Shift Paints make life much easier! Beautiful alone, the paints become pastel when mixed into pearl white acrylic paint for a great interference effect. FolkArt Color Shift Paints have a medium opacity when used on porous surfaces and a more sheer application when applied to a non-porous surface.

Makers suggest using: wood, terra cotta, stretched canvas, rigid plastic, papier mache, metal, unglazed ceramics, glass, and ceramics. They note that smooth, 3D surfaces maximize light reflection for the paint’s color shifting properties. FolkArt Color Shift paints are available in 10 shades. The paints are water-based, non-toxic and made in the USA. The Color Shift collection is as unique, fun, and iridescent as I hoped it would be!

FolkArt Color Shift Paints Video

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