Food Dehydrator Kale Chips

Raw food enthusiasts can use a low temperature method that yields a raw food product. What is most important is that this vegetable includes vitamin k vitamin c it is rich in calcium and high in beta carotene.

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This recipe for dehydrated kale was a rather simple and tasteful snack to put together especially when fresh out the oven.

Food dehydrator kale chips. Spread kale onto drying frames with plenty of room for air circulation. They are a much healthier option than deep fried potato chips but they can be expensive to buy at the store. The crispy bunch is exactly as it should be to resemble chips.

Crunchy dehydrated kale chips are addictive yet great for you. Place into dehydrator at 135 fahrenheit or 57 celsius for 2 hours or for raw food dehydrate at 108 fahrenheit or 42 celsius for 4 hours. You can make them at home easily and cheaply with your food dehydrator.

Most kale chips are made in the oven and the ends always get burnt. The chips when done will be a mix of crispy and soft. The dehydrator solves that problem for you.

It s really hard to get them to cook evenly. By the end they should crunch and crumble and no longer bend signaling they are done. If your food dehydrator doesn t have a precise temperature setting choose the vegetable setting or other medium low heat option.

It is definitely not a dish you can save for later snacking. Raw food product needs a low temperature process so if you are love this kind of food start taking notes because you will love dehydrated kale chips recipe. The only thing worse than eating kale is eating burnt kale.

Dry your homemade kale chips in a food dehydrator on 125 f for about 2 hours or until they are completely crispy dry. Since it cooks it low slow and the air is allowed to circulate around the kale the leafy green cooks more evenly.

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