Friendship is Beautiful


A couple of days ago I got together with a wonderful group of women who mean the world to me. I don’t see any of them as often as I should or as often as I would like to. As we grow up; friends start relationships & families and have responsibilities other than having fun. I have a handful of women in my life who I consider close friends. Those women give real advice, try to help, and our friendships never involve mean-spiritedness. You have your friends that you feel the need to wear your skinny jeans for, your newest jewelry, and conversation feels more like competition than support—and then you have your real friends; the ones that do not require high fashion, makeup, or anything other than being yourself.

Your true friends value your smile and it makes them happy to see you happy. We all need to invest more in true friends. I was on Facebook today and I came across a great quote: “Walk away from anything and anyone that doesn’t draw you closer to God.” It is true–People who make you examine your attachment to the wrong things and support you for doing good things are important. Why not work hard to surround ourselves with good influence instead of staying in a comfort zone of pretentiousness??? Everyone has at least one good friend–so whether that person lives 2 blocks up the road or 1,000 miles away (you girls know who you are and I miss you more than you can imagine!) appreciate them and be the best example of the living word that you can be when it comes your turn to support them.

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