DIY Fruit Whip

Summer is the quintessential time to enjoy cold treats. I love them all: iced coffee, slush, ice cream, sorbet, gelato, sherbet, and now I can add homemade fruit whip to the mix. DIY Fruit Whip is incredibly easy to make! I have seen several variations online but I like to keep mine pretty basic. The recipe makes 4-6 servings.


In a food processor add:

  1. One bag of frozen fruit (I’ve tried strawberries and pineapple)
  2. One cup of milk (or orange juice*)
  3. 1-2 Tbsp honey
  • Blend all ingredients at the same time
  • Give the fruit enough time to break down–but there is nothing wrong with a few chunks of frozen fruit
  • It takes me 7-10 minutes for it all to incorporate
  • Serve immediately–this can be stored in the freezer but it hardens dramatically and loses that light airy texture


* I liked the pineapple whip made with orange juice but one of my tasters disliked it compared to milk. The juice version can leave a tiny bit of a waxy after-taste on your tongue.



Try it out–you won’t be sorry! I hope everyone is staying cool & enjoying their summer as much as I am!

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