Fyrinnae Space Kitty

Boom. Mic Drop. Jaw on the FLOOR. I made my first FyrinnaeFyrinnae Space Kitty order a small one. I grabbed their highly-recommended, loose shadow lover holy-grail Pixie Epoxy and I ordered the Space Kitty loose eyeshadow. Fyrinnae (Feer-ih-nay) describes Space Kitty as: a “glowing” pale sherbet orange. It’s not pastel, but a semi-sheer sparkle shade. Used over regular primer or blended over other shades, it is a great highlight or main color. But over a sticky base (or color base like black or white) it’s a vibrant gleaming pop of color.

This shadow over their Pixie Epoxy is stunning–it is metallic, shimmery, and it is gleaming! It is true to their color description & photos. Space Kitty is unique in my eyeshadow collection. I swatched it with a couple of other orange/peach toned shades in my collection. It is like nothing else & it is amazinglyFyrinnae Space Kitty & Luxury loose eyeshadows metallic, bright and sparkly (without having large chunks of glitter in it) when applied over the Pixie Epoxy. I swatched it next to Urban Decay “Flame,” Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow in “In The Spotlight,”  and Coastal Scents “Peach.”

Pixie Epoxy is a wonderful product: it is a sparkle/pigment adhesive, not an eye primer. All you need is to take a tiny dab on your finger, wait a few seconds & apply while it is still damp and then apply your loose shadow/pigment. It really does amp up the color and sparkle/metallic properties in a product. Having a tool like Pixie Epoxy in your collection will encourage you to wear your loose shadows and pigments more! It is a loose shadow’s best friend.

The Pixie Epoxy Fyrinnae Space Kittyretails for $6.50/9 ml and a little dab goes a long way. The Space Kitty loose eyeshadow retails for $6.75/3 g. *As a comparison, MUG Sparklers retail for $10/4 g or $2.50/gram. Space Kitty ends up being $2.25/gram.* Space Kitty is more pigmented than my Makeup Geek Sparkler in Solstice. (Both are fantastic products!)

I also received a free sample of their “Luxury” loose eyeshadow. It is also incredibly beautiful. Luxury is a straight up metallic yellow-gold shade without sparkles or glitter. It looks like liquid gold over the Pixie Fyrinnae SwatchesEpoxy. It is more yellow in color than my Mehron Metallic Powder. I’ve only experienced these two shadows from Fyrinnae but based on this experience, how true to color & description they are, the high quality and how beautiful the application is, I would like to try more. Fyrinnae has impressed me completely and I can not wait to use my new shadows in new looks! Shipping was affordable ($2.40) and the order arrived pretty quick. I ordered January 30th and I received my order February 10th. Indie companies can be tricky to navigate (color pay-off, how true to color products are compared to their photos, etc.) but Fyrinnae is a winner!!! Fyrinnae’s products are produced in the US and they are vegan & cruelty-free.  Fyrinnae is available online only.

Comparison Swatches:


Space Kitty Comparison

Fyrinnae Space Kitty Swatches

Swatched without Primer

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