Garden Salsa Pepper Plant

Gurney s salsa hybrid hot pepper is also a standout in appearance and yields. Site them in full sun in a rich well drained soil.

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Garden salsa pepper plant. Heavy yields of thick walled medium hot peppers from a hybrid developed for making salsa. You ll need three to five pepper plants depending on how spicy you like your salsa. This hybrid was developed for making salsa.

Great for salsas and grilling. Great for adding a zesty kick to homemade salsas as well as chili and other dishes. Bermuda hot peppers average 6 5 centimeters long and approximately 3 centimeters in diameter.

If heat is not your thing you can still enjoy homemade sauce by growing sweet peppers in your salsa garden. Perfect for adding heat to salsa chili or sauces. Watch out for the seeds and pale colored flesh inside hot peppers.

Fruits have thick walls seeds that often go to the bottom of the fruit. Compact plants grow 24 30 in. Pick between hot and sweet peppers or plant a mix of the two.

Heavy yields of thick walled medium hot fruit. We ship all plants priority mail. Bears up to 5 in dark green chili peppers that ripen to a vibrant deep red.

Peppers change color as they ripen but feel free to pick them at any color stage. If you are looking for a spicy pepper to supply enough fruits all season with some to spare then garden salsa is the variety for your home garden. Our growing guide covers the bases but here are a few additional tips for growing peppers specifically for salsa.

Garden salsa hot pepper produces high yields of thick walled medium hot fruit. Two very nice good sized plants each 4 to 7 tall. This disease r esistant pepper produces heavy yields throughout the season.

Hot peppers tend to produce more fruits but sweet peppers are usually larger. Garden salsa hot pepper plants produce medium hot peppers with just the right amount of heat for making salsa chili and other dishes. This chili is specifically bred for use in salsas which makes it an ideal candidate for planting among other vegetables and herbs in a salsa themed garden.

Turns red as they mature. Water well and mulch to conserve moisture. Peppers have great flavor with medium heat that increases as they mature from green to red.

If you re growing the plants in straight rows plastic mulch is far easier and effective than loose mulch such as straw or pine bark. There is no rule that salsa much be searing. These smooth skinned thick walled fruits taper to a point and mature from green to red.

The best mild pepper plants that are suitable for salsa include bermuda hot peppers and poblano peppers. Resistant to tobacco mosaic virus. Tall and produce high yields of peppers.

Some hot peppers are milder than others check descriptions on seed packets or plant pots to pick the right kind for your palette. Plant them out 2 3 weeks after the last frost placing them 1 foot apart in rows that are 30 36 inches apart pepper plants do well close together. The plant produces white flowers on thick green foliage and green stems that grow to a maximum height of 60 centimeters.

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