Girls Should Be Nice to Each Other

This past weekend I caught up on some reality TV. 🙁 What happened to us? Ladies!!? Between housewives and demanding brides I wanted to reach into the screen and give everyone a hug. There is so much anger, resentment, wicked intentions, selfishness and too little forgiveness, kindness, and empathy. In this world there is good and there is bad, and bad is taking over. My advice is that girls should be nice to each other. 🙂

When someone does not do what you want–it does not make them bad. The goal should not be to reign over everyone else and always get your way! Your perception of a situation is your reality (my good friend Chris taught me that years ago.) Give yourself a leg up and have a healthy perception of your environment. Your friends and family are not against you. Your weaknesses can be morphed into strengths. The only time you are truly alone is when you let your selfishness take you over; like a beast. Tantrums, screaming, crying, trash talking and rage will not “get you your way” or produce anything positive.

If you walk around paranoid & convinced that someone is against you; you will take things the wrong way, perceive love as condemnation and push away those who truly care about you. One episode I watched involved a woman who was meeting her groom’s family for the first time. They did not speak English, yet she was convinced by the “tone” of their voices that they were trash talking her. It was sad. So don’t let your hearing go bad, your perception become paranoid, and your attitude be poisoned–if people are asking about your life, share it. If another woman compliments you; thank her. Never walk through life assuming people are against you, 100% bad, and un-lovable.

Eye-rolling, snickering, and ostracizing can be left in high-school. Laugh, smile, share, and welcome people into your life willingly; before they go away!

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