Spray-Painting Shoes (with Rust-Oleum Gold & Pink Glitter Paints)

Spray Painted Shoes

Spray-Painted Shoes are fun, affordable, and a great way to Spray Painted Shoes transform dull or old shoes! Months back, I picked up a few new spray paints and had a million ideas bouncing around in my head. It wasn’t until we moved that I started pairing projects with colors.

I had picked up a pair of nude ballerina flats for $4 from a thrift store for this project. I decided to give them gold tips. While I was painting, I grabbed an old pair of sneakers that I decided to give gold bottoms, highlighted with a pink glitter top. The paints I used were very affordable. The Rust-oleum Specialty Metallic Gold spray-paint retails for underSpray Painted Shoes $4 locally and the Rust-oleum Glitter spray-paint in Glitter Bright Pink runs closer to $7/can.

Spray-Painting the Shoes

  • Clean & prep the shoes. White sneakers can be brightened with a magic eraser. I wiped the areas I wanted to apply paint to with acetone nail polish remover. On the ballerina flats, it removed the shiny finish to allow for better adhesion of the paint.
  • Apply Painter’s Tape to mark off your pattern & newspaper toSpray Painted Shoes fill/cover areas you don’t want painted.
  • Create a work space for painting. I placed a very large flattened cardboard box outside to work on.
  • For each color I used, begin by shaking the can vigorously for one minute. Spray 12″ from shoes in a constant back & forth motion, overlapping the color.
  • Allow several minutes for the paint to dry between coats.
  • After 30-60 minutes, the shoes should be dry enough to handle (I only Spray Painted Shoes applied 2-3 coats of paint.) Remove the tape & newspaper and allow to dry for 24 hours before wearing.

Spray-Painting shoes is easy if you take a little time to prep. The gold caps on the ballerina flats are exactly what I wanted. Using tape to mark the painted area gives the project a professional look. The glitter paint on the sneakers is dazzling! It was a more sheer application than the gold but plenty of pink sparkle is there. The spray-paint did not harden the fabric of the shoes. Dull shoes work bestDIY Gold Capped Shoes (shiny shoes can have the paint crack on them) but the acetone seemed to help enough for a brilliant gold application. I highly recommend trying this project out!






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