Gratitude & Everyday Miracles

Everyday Miracles

In a busy world filled with superficial attachments and a billion meaningless distractions, it can be easy to overlook the good that surrounds us. We have to make an effort to slow down mentally and appreciate what we have; before we turn into ungrateful, selfish, bored, overstimulated balls of anger. I live my life seeking out the favor; the cover of our creator. I have to be very careful to separate situations that arise because of the ways of the world vs. circumstances brought about by Yahuwah.

The point of all this is that I found myself in a very dangerous situation last week and walked away with minor injuries. One of the basement stairs broke as I was going upstairs last week. The board separated from the frame and fell straight down; down onto the board we attached to the basement window for our cat to enter in/out of the house in the summer months. If that “cat board” had not been there I could have easily fallen and broken my face. Instead I heard a loud crack, jammed my left shin hard, and walked away.

Protection from the creator does not always come with whistles and flashing lights; sometimes he just softens the blow. I am very grateful that the stair was repairable (and all other stairs were given extra support,) that no one was hurt, and that the cat board is still in perfect condition for next summer; it can’t come soon enough! My leg is still a little sore but I am so glad to have avoided a hospital visit. He is always looking out for us; I am filled with joy to receive such favor.

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