Holographic Eye Shadow & Highlighter

DIY Holographic Highlighter

Holographic Eye Shadow & Highlighter is a big deal right now and a cyclical DIY Pressed Micatrend that I love, so I am very excited that it is trending again.  Delicate colors with high shine & a metallic shift make me very happy and my ears perk when I hear of a new color-shifting launch.


My first post on pressing mica powder into shadow & highlighter was this last May. I liked the results and have worn my creations regularly, so I took my holographic inspiration to the drawing board. I decided to focus on more sheer, color-shifting shades for this project and the results have exceeded my expectations! The only major change is that I have switched to the TKB Trading MyMix Clear Pressing Medium as a liquid binder since it will not rust the pans & silicone increases smooth application.


These recipes produce a texture similar to Makeup Geek duo chrome or Urban Decay eye shadows. They are not too soft or bouncy. You will not leave finger prints in them but they are not overly dry & powdery.


These holographic eye shadow & highlighter recipes are delicately pigmented, multi-dimensional, metallic, and color shifting. For my recipes, I added more colored mica to the eye shadow shades and used more hilite tones in the highlighters. For a muted-lightening effect, add Matte Texture Base (no more than 1 part Matte Texture Base to 2 parts Mica.) If you want a glittery formula, I recommend using Diamond Cluster to add a sparkly dimension which will not add chunks of glitter, but will appear super sparkly. TKB’s site is very informative & is full of additional ingredients to help you achieve a professional result; check it out if you want to learn more about homemade cosmetics. As with all DIY cosmetics, please be sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used before trying.





The Basic Formula


Mica Powders: I chose a combination of mica colors and color shiftingDIY Holographic Highlighter interference shades that appear white while shifting their tone in the light (Interference Basic Seven Hilite Collection & Plantetary Collection)






Base Powder/Binder

MyMix Press Base: aids in pressibility & increases adhesion (staying power on the skin)DIY Holographic Highlighter

Matte Texture Base: a texturizing blend of powders which improve the slip and adhesion of your mica powders. Add about 1 part Texture Base to 2 parts Mica. Be warned, large amounts can lighten the coloring of the final product.

C-Smax (wax coated sericite mica:) a base powder that increases smoothness of application & the wax helps bind the finished product together.

MyMix Clear Pressing Medium a liquid blend of silicones, which produce a more smooth/silky end product.



PreservativeDIY Holographic Highlighter

Preservative Cap-5
*Rubbing Alcohol is for sterilization of tools and pans and makes it easier to transfer the product to the pan. Evaporating with time, on its own it does nothing to help keep the color on your skin.*





DIY Holographic Highlighter

  • All items used for this project were purchased through TKB Trading & Amazon.
  • I used 26 mm round tin pans & the TKB 26 mm tamping tool to press.
  • I measured the powders with TKB’s Mini Spoon 5.


DIY Eye Shadow & Highlighter



◇ The recipes start with a base of: 1 pinch C-SMAX and 1 smidgen MyMix Press Base. Mix these with the mica color recipes below.
◇ After the micas & base are mixed, all recipes add 2 drops of Preservative Cap-5 & 9 drops of MyMix Clear Pressing Medium.



Holographic Eye Shadow & Highlighter RECIPES:




#1 Cherry Blossom Pink (Sparkle):DIY Holographic Highlighter

  • 2 pinches Cotton Candy
  • 2 dashes Hilite Gold
  • 1 tad Flamenco Super Pearl
  • 2 tad Diamond Cluster
  • 2 dashes Hilite Red
  • 1 smidgen Tangerine Pop



#2 Pink Lavender:

  • 1 dash Hilite OrangeDIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 1 smidgen Bishop’s Violet
  • 1 dash Moonlight
  • 2 tad Hilite Violet
  • 1 dash Travel to Venus
  • 3 dashes Hilite Blue
  • 1 dash Flamenco Super Pearl




#3 Pastel Teal (Muted):

  • 2 tad Matte Texture BaseDIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 1 dash Moonlight
  • 1 tad Flamenco Super Pearl
  • 2 dashes + 1 smidgen Hilite Green
  • 1 dash Hilite Orange
  • 1 smidgen Cyprus Green
  • 1 tad Travel to Venus
  • 1 tad + 1 dash Hilite Blue



#4 Soft Cerulean:

  • 1 smidgen Coral Reef Blue (Blue-Green)DIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 1 dash Travel to Venus
  • 2 dashes Hilite Blue
  • 1 tad Flamenco Super Pearl
  • 2 dashes Hilite Green





#5  Pale Copper Pink:

  • 1 dash Hilite VioletDIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 1 dash Gold Shift
  • 1 dash Hilite Orange
  • 1 dash Hilite Gold
  • 2 Tad Hilite Copper
  • 1 smidgen Tangerine Pop





#6  Sunrise Shift:

  • 1 tad ApricotDIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 2 dash Hilite Gold
  • 2 dashes Matte Texture Base
  • 1 dash Hilite Green
  • 1 dash Cinnamon Sugar
  • 2 smidgen Winter Rose
  • 1 smidgen Reflection




#7 Green Opal (Muted):

  • 3 dashes Matte Texture BaseDIY Holographic Highlighter
  • 1 tad Flamenco Super Pearl
  • 2 tad Hilite Green
  • 1 dash Hilite Violet
  • 1 dash Hilite Blue







#8 Lilac :DIY Holographic Eye Shadow

  • 3 tad Travel to Venus
  • 1 Dash Matte Texture Base
  • 3 dash Hilite Blue
  • 3 pinches Pink Red Blue





#9 Peach Glow:

  • 3 tad MyMix PeachDIY Holographic Eye Shadow
  • 3 dash Hilite Gold
  • 2 pinches Tangerine Pop
  • 1 pinch Cotton Candy
  • 1 dash Golden Shift





#10  Electric Lavender-Teal:

  • 3 tad Hilite CopperDIY Holographic Eye Shadow
  • 3 dashes Hilite Violet
  • 2 pinches Reflection
  • 2 dash Coral Reef Blue (Blue-Green)






#11 Violet:

  • 2 pinches Black AmethystDIY Holographic Eye Shadow
  • 1 pinch Moonlight
  • 3 tad Hilite Violet
  • 3 dashes Hilite Blue







Holographic Eye Shadow & Highlighter INSTRUCTIONS:


1. With gloved hands, sterilize the tin pans & Mini Spoon 5 with a few drops DIY Pressed Micaof 99% Isopropy Alcohol (Amazon), set aside.
2. Mix together the colors and base powders. Close in a ziploc bag to mix by hand or use sterilized glass jars. Mix together the 1 pinch C-Smax, 1 smidgen MyMix Press Base, and all of the mica powder for that recipe.
3. Add the 2 drops of Preservative Cap-5 and the 9 drops MyMix Clear Pressing Medium. Mix to a damp sand consistency.
4. Press as is, a little at a time OR add 99% Isopropy Alcohol & press after 1-2 hours. When I used a small amount of alcohol, I could press in one hour. If I use a large amount & the consistency is watery, I have to pour & wait for the alcohol to evaporate several times before pressing.

Add the final mixture to the pan and press with a quarter or tamping tool & plastic wrap (if no alcohol is used) or paper towel (to absorb excess alcohol.) If you have thinned the product with alcohol wait until it is no longer tacky to press.



I divided the finished product into Holographic Eye Shadow & Highlighter categories but all of the colors can be used on the eyes or face, depending on your skin tone. I have been very inspired by the Makeup Geek duo chromes & Kat Von D’s Alchemist Palette. There are endless combinations and this is just what I was able to create with what I had in my TKB stash. I did this project for fun and will be using these products myself. Have fun with this project if you give it a try! Be patient and take the time to alter these starting points into your perfect combination. If you are using larger pans be sure to increase your ingredients accordingly if you want them completely filled.






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