Homemade Mustard Pack

DIY Mustard Pack

I am all about natural remedies, and if you havemustard pack chest congestion this winter–make yourself a mustard pack! It couldn’t be easier.


Just mix together flour & mustard powder at a 4:1 ratio. I use 4 Tbsp flour & 1 Tbsp mustard, adding 1/4 cup of warm water. Place it in a kitchen towel, fold it up and apply to the chest area for up to 20 minutes (no longer!) Your congestion will begin to loosen & you will begin to breathe easier.




The mustard pack does warm your skin. This is DIY mustard packnot because the pack is hot to the touch, but the ingredients set off a chemical reaction that allows the mustard powder to penetrate the skin like a transdermal patch. Left on too long you can burn your skin.




I have done this for a couple of winters &Homemade Mustard Pack it is a perfect remedy when you don’t have store bought medicine in the cupboard and you are too sick to leave the house. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar; followed by a glass of orange juice and you are on your way back to feeling like yourself. Stay healthy & keep hydrated!







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