Homestuck Aspect Colors

A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. Added doc scratch now with dark green bg as per latest updates.

Extended Light Aspect Signs Homestuck Home Stuck Element Symbols

Do you want to know what your blood color is.

Homestuck aspect colors. There are 14 known classes consisting of 12 normal classes and two master classes. It has red all the way up to jade as i decided to stop there. It s very short and my first quiz so i m sorry if it sucks please don t go too hard on me.

The second being the one we saw the less but still quite present in the comic the color of the actual aspect. In this game you will have to know the color codes on the web. Either in its hex format or with its assessment on the rgb scale.

This one i think applies to players who have the most difficulty to tame their aspect within them. July 11 2013 53 056 takers. Eridan ampora the prince of hope.

Don t say we didn t warn you. Valid and active homestuck hex codes. Hero of mind aspect color palette created by freaksofme that consists 06ffc9 3da35a 3b7e4f 1d572e a33d7a colors.

Find out what your god tier aspect is. And cronus ampora the bard of hope. Another connection to this difference is the fact that the hope aspect s color scheme associates more with the prospitian light yellow tones while rage is more based on derse s.

We see this in gamzee s kurloz s kanaya s and equius god tier outfit their shoes match the color of their aspect s symbol. Homestuck rpers are you tired of your text formatting not working do you hate having to constantly look up html or hex codes well i am here to solve all your problems behold. Known heroes of hope are jake english the page of hope.

Text cheat sheet of doom simply look up the. While several class mechanics are explicitly explained throughout homestuck others are only implied. Well take the quiz then.

A sburb player s assigned title consists of 2 parts the aspect and the class the latter indicating the intended role of the player and how they may use their aspect. To start breaking down everything related to the hexestuck hex codes we have to start by highlighting their greatest particularity.

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