Homestuck Blood Colors

Vriska refers to the color as 8rown while tavros himself once compares it to fudge. Curious to find out your place on the hemospectrum.

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Have you ever felt disconnected or otherwise unsatisfied with the caste linked to your zodiac sign.

Homestuck blood colors. Lower blooded castes are all landwellers. Thus a hemospectrum would be an array of blood colors as it is in homestuck. If so this could be a fun way for.

Andrew hussie has confirmed that there are only twelve possible troll blood colors excluding mutations. Early in homestuck tavros nitram s blood colour is generally grouped in with other low blood colours. Just for fun personality homestuck hemospectrum trolls alternia.

Cherubs also possess multiple blood colors however in a binary rather than a spectrum with only two colors. I might make a quiz in the future based upon your circumstances or both since depending on what canons you have that might play an important role kankri disclaimer. What is your true blood color.

I am advertising this quiz in order for people to take it. Under the name rust in reference to the brown coloration of oxidised iron. Jadebloods are extremely rare.

Add to library 53 discussion 68. The only notable alternian native other than the trolls and their lusii is his honorable tyranny whose blood is pure black. Featured homestuck blood color quizzes.

I hope you get what you want. The hemospectrum is the series of twelve blood colors possessed by trolls forming the basis of the alternian caste system. The prefix hemo means blood and a spectrum is an array of colors.

The blood of a lusus appears to be the same color as its associated troll implying that it is a large factor in the selection of a lusus. This was justified by hussie. It s very short and my first quiz so i m sorry if it sucks please don t go too hard on me.

Want to know if you are a highblood or lowblood. Lusii share these blood colors and often or always have the same blood color as their charge. Please note that this is stricly based upon your personality.

Diagnoses your blood color if you were a troll. Blood castes purpleblood eridan and above are seadwellers. This shows that the ocean is a sort of holy ish place reserved for royalty to the trolls.

Do you want to know what your blood color is. Well take the quiz then. 3 months ago doofenshmirtz stan account.

Rust bronze gold lime olive jade teal. Blood colors such as rainbow black white and clear do not exist. 14 703 people diagnosed 6 homestuck tweets result patterns 12.

The cherubs possess different blood colors as well. It has red all the way up to jade as i decided to stop there.

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