Homestuck Rgb Codes

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Turning this into a place to find certain tumblr posts and file them into certain categories that are needed for anything from music to referencing to random stuff. Grab this badge code get this color image preview iphone 390×300 800×600 1024×768 1600×1200.

Hex codes symbol background.

Homestuck rgb codes. Aepokk venset 05 06 october 4 2012 utc. Homestuck ancestors aradia blood equius eridan feferi gamzee kanaya karkat lime nepeta sburb sollux tavros terezi troll vriska. To enter the homestuck hex codes you just have to enter in the dialog box the command that identifies the color you want to unlock.

162 82 3 sollux hex. Sign up it unlocks many cool features. Fortunately there are still no reports that any code has stopped working.

The hemospectrum is the series of twelve blood colors possessed by trolls forming the basis of the alternian caste system. 255 0 0 aradia hex. Raw download clone embed report print beta kids john egbert hex.

0715cd rose lalonde hex. Homestuck hex expired codes. Homestuck horns color palette created by xbaeksugax that consists 787878 ff4200 ff9000 ffba29 b5b5b5 colors.

B536da dave strider hex. Added doc scratch now with dark green bg as per latest updates. Rust bronze gold lime olive jade teal.

Text cheat sheet of doom simply look up the. How to redeem homestuck hex codes. Cherubs also possess multiple blood colors however in a binary rather than a spectrum with only two colors.

I had the source code open to view the hex value. Lusii share these blood colors and often or always have the same blood color as their charge. So to continue enjoying them.

I then took the rgb values in paint put it in an rgb to hex converter and lo and behold i got the same code. Homestuck rpers are you tired of your text formatting not working do you hate having to constantly look up html or hex codes well i am here to solve all your problems behold. Just checked it using a sample of john s text from the update.

Text 0 67 kb. Not a member of pastebin yet. 161 0 0 tavros hex.

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