Homestuck White Text Guy

This is the font used on the text that you click to go to the next page of the comic. Still sticking with the white text i see.

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Don t say we didn t warn you.

Homestuck white text guy. It s like a fun game for super extra handicapped retarded people. Weird plot shit is a derivation of weird puzzle shit as there are no actual puzzles to figure out in order to solve the game it s the nature of the game itself and its plot that makes it. It basically involves parallel plots and meaningless or meaningful coincidences.

No one can be the white text guy except for the white text guy. The felt use a billiards or pool motif to their appearance and character in contrast with the playing card theme of the midnight crew. He also communicates frequently with rose lalonde in her session and has made visits to kanaya maryam in person.

It is a magic cue ball that is said to be the opposite of a magic 8 ball its blank surface hiding perfectly precise and specific answers to any question. You 4r3 so w31rd gc. He is an officer of an indestructible demon known as l rd english his job is to pave the way for the arrival of his master who will be summoned upon the termination of the universe.

Find out what o8noxious thing the mystery tool typed. Oh my god wh1t3 t3xt guy. Why would 1 do th4t.

Oh what 1s 1t i m not going to tell you my name. This font is considered tacky and overused by some people. It is not white text guy.

Primarily used in sbahj and quotes from sbahj in homestuck. So smooth and stylish. Don t say we didn t warn you.

This text is always underlined and is generally in the color 1b00ee and after hitting it the text changes to 551a8b comic sans edit. Weird plot shit is homestuck s version of weird puzzle shit. But if you wish you may refer to me as mr.

Like opening a present. The white text guy is known as d o c scratch. He uses pure white text and no.

He communicates primarily with vriska serket via trollian. 1m try1ng to g1v3 you 4 m3ss4g3 h3r3 i have a name. I forgot how much i loved highlighting it to read all the 8oring things you have to say.

You try to be the white text guy but fail to be the white text guy. Canon dubiously canon doc scratch is an officer of lord english and the first guardian of alternia meant to protect the planet as well as facilitate the planet s ultimate purpose. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together.

Their most notable incarnation appears on the planet alternia where they are a rival gang to the midnight crew. This oracle becomes the final topic of rose s conversation with the white text guy. A parting courtesy.

A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. The felt are a gang of time travellers that operate across numerous universes and timelines in the service of their master lord english. Weird plot shit is much more confusing than weird puzzle shit.

An iguana servant brings rose an object from jade s house.

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