Household Tips #2

I am always trying out different cleaning hacks. Our old Magic Eraser Cleaning Tipsbathroom shower and sink were in rough shape and cleaning them with a fresh lemon was my preferred cleaning method. It isn’t always about saving money. Sometimes your situation requires extra consideration because you are dealing with an older item.

I have some new ideas to share. For this post, I focused on using Magic Erasers & Salt. Magic Erasers are amazing at cleaning counter tops that you spilled neon-yellow staining turmeric on, they clean up walls like a dream, and you can even use them on your white sneakers to make them look brand new again! Table salt is cheap &  works without damaging your surface. For the post, I picked 3 projects that are solid.

Magic Eraser & Salt Projects:

Use a Magic Eraser to clean stains from glass cookwareCleaning Stains from Glass Cookware:

Use a Magic Eraser to clean stains from glass cookwareThis requires some strong elbow-grease but you can use a magic eraser to remove those annoying brown stains from your clear & white glass cookware. Just wet a fresh eraser & rub away, re-wetting when needed. My cookware had lots of staining so this was not a 5 minute project for me but it was a very successful one. I cleaned 5 glass dishes/pans with this method & they all look brand new except for one stubborn bread pan that will require extra research.

Cleaning an Iron:

I miscalculated how dirty my iron was. I saw some minor discoloration & thought I needed to find a remedy. My iron looks better but was Cleaning an Iron with Saltnever coated with glue or starch. I believe using a magic eraser or table salt to clean a really dirty iron would work well. You can take to the cold iron with a magic eraser as a starting point. I heated my iron to its middle setting and ironed the fresh magic eraser. Next I tried using salt to clean the iron by placing it on its highest setting (be careful, it will be very hot) and ironing a pile of salt on top of a piece of wax paper for 1-2 minutes. For those with sticky items on their iron, now is the time that your problem area will transfer to the table salt & you will be left with a clean iron.

Cleaning the Shower with Salt:

This not a highly innovative idea but it works. Our new shower is beautiful butCleaning the Shower with Salt when I use spray shower cleaner on it, I am left with a slightly tacky film that collects dirt. This film is left after I scrub & rinse the shower. I sprinkled salt in areas with soap/dirt buildup and used a scrub brush to buff the salt around. It is brilliant at removing shower buildup and it works great on stubborn soap buildup in the sink too!




Magic erasers & salt were basic ideas but they really worked for this round of cleaning experiments. I love that I finally have a cleaning solution for my stained cookware! What do you use your magic erasers on?



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