How Much Yogurt Starter For A Gallon Of Milk

Different people recommend different amounts of starter based on the process they follow. How much starter do you really need.

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1 gallon of milk whole milk will produce the creamiest results c yogurt with live active cultures heat the milk to 180 f.

How much yogurt starter for a gallon of milk. This step can happen pretty quick but it s important to keep a close eye on the temperature so it doesn t get too low. Feel free to scale up and use an entire gallon of milk though for your first batch i d suggest a 1 2 gallon just to be safe. Once you get the hang of the method and if you find yourself craving a larger batch scale up to 1 gallon of milk and cup starter.

Use about 1 5 grams to make half a gallon 2 liters of yogurt. Of plain yogurt in a cup sized jar a pair of gallon sized shallow food containers an insulated container to hold the jug a drill or sharp knife a cooking thermometer and a kitchen with a stove fridge and sink. Fill with an inch of water.

Remove from heat and allow to cool until the temperature drops to 110 120 this is the temperature bacteria loves. Gallon milk will yield about 7 cups yogurt. You will need a gallon of milk in a plastic jug a pot bigger than that jug 2 coffee filters 2 oz.

Less is more here too much starter and you end up with a really runny yogurt. Cover with lid and heat to boiling. Return the pot to the heating unit and re cover.

I use a scant tablespoon of yogurt for a half gallon of milk. Cooling the milk back down adding the yogurt starter. 20 minutes total time.

My recipe calls for a 1 2 gallon of milk so you ll need 2 tablespoons of starter. Start by using gallon of milk and 2 tablespoons yogurt the starter. Place four quart glass canning jars four lids and four screw tops in a large pot.

Adding the yogurt starter and mixing it back into the main pot just takes a couple minutes. This is about 1 3 of a teaspoon of starter. For one quart of milk use 1 tablespoon of starter yogurt for a half gallon use 2 tablespoons and for a gallon use 4 tablespoons of starter yogurt.

Use 1 gram for a liter quart of milk. You can make wonderful yogurt with only a couple tablespoons of starter in a gallon of milk. Incubation for at.

Learned this one the hard way 6. 1 gallon of milk 1 cup yogurt starter you can use a small cup of plain dannon or yoplait yogurt or you can use a cup from your previous batch 1. 1 gallon milk will yield about 14 cups yogurt.

However if you need some help in figuring out how much starter to use for how much milk here s a quick guide to make it easier for you. You ll need about the same for a litre of milk. A rule of thumb is to use 1 tablespoon of yogurt starter for every 1 4 gallon of milk.

Use about 2 grams of starter to make a gallon 4 liters of. Boil for ten minutes. In such a scenario it can be confusing to decide how much quantity needs to be input with respect to milk starter and the temperature at which the milk needs to be cultured.

For 1 quart of milk 1 teaspoon of healthy starter is plenty. The main question where most people get stuck at is how much yogurt starter to use.

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