How To Clean Basil

Dried basil when stored properly will last 1 to 2 years if it makes it that long. Finally place the basil in a freezer bag or container layered with parchment paper.

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How to dry basil by air drying.

How to clean basil. A basil tea when used as simple soapless face wash can be a refreshing way to banish break outs. This is why using a clean dry jar is so important. How to use vinegar to clean.

Place the basil in the boiling water for two to five seconds. When you are ready to use your cleaner fill a clean spray bottle half way with the vinegar mixture liquid portion only leave the peels and basil in the jar then add water until full. Continue until you reach the top of the container.

Wait 30 minutes until the air bubbles run out. Pull the basil from the water and place in the ice bath to cool for a minute or two. Join the discussion today.

Clean and dry the leaves in a deep container with a lid place a half inch of salt on the bottom add a layer of basil leaves sprinkle with salt press down gently but try not to break the leaves. Pat the basil dry with a clean dish towel. Bind the stalks together.

Fill the jar with extra virgin olive oil and seed oil. Once you have your large basil harvest procured you are ready to start the drying process. Add your peels and basil to the jar and fill it to the top with vinegar.

The key is to allow for plenty of airflow. Once the leaves are grit free pull them out of the water and place them onto the left hand side of a clean flat dish towel. Tighten the top and let sit for a minimum of ten days.

The delicious flavor of dried basil is perfect for soups and marinara sauce so it may get used up pretty quickly. What makes basil even more appealing as a plant from a gardener s point of view is how easy it is to grow harvest and store it. Using fresh basil in a salad or sipping a basil tea can help relieve.

Fold the right hand side of the towel over so the leaves are sandwiched between the halves of the towel. In a jar alternate the basil leaves with the coarse salt. Here are some of my favorite ways to use basil.

Any moisture in the container the dried basil is stored in could affect its longevity. Fresh or dry basil is the kind of herb that adds a strong flavor to your pizzas pasta and even serves as a garnish to your lemonade. How to use fresh basil in four creative ways.

Read the best way to clean basil and other herbs. When the basil has fully cooled dry the leaves thoroughly. Basil leaves are thick and oily making them a challenge to air dry but it can be done with a little patience.

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