Hummingbird Watching


Summer is here 🙂 and I am so happy! On Saturday I got out the cameradogs, hummingbirds, mud truck 011 & video camera and devoted a good 3-4 hours to getting some pictures and video of the flowering bush outside our front door. It is a happy home to many bees and quite a few hummingbirds this year. After scouting out the location I realized that not Deck Life only do the hummingbirds move lightning fast; they tend to stay inside of the bush more than surfacing for a good photo. I kept my distance and they did not disappoint. Hummingbird watching is like nature’s relaxation therapy!

Sadly the bush only blooms fordogs, hummingbirds, mud truck 038 1-2 weeks each spring but it ushers in summer in such a vibrant, beautiful way ! It is always good to take a day off from phone calls, computer games, and all of the worldly distractions out there. I wish I could do this every day! I am grateful I got my video on Saturday because by Monday the bush started to shed the flowers in handfuls.







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